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Tamannaah Bhatia is a versatile actress and she has proved it with her stints in Hindi and South cinema. She recently left everyone in awe of her with her role as a cop in the crime thriller Aakhri Sach. Apart from murder mystery, the show also sheds light on mental health and anxiety. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, the actress recalled going through an emotional turmoil when her dad was ill. She also shared what she realized from that phase.

Tamannaah Bhatia on her dad getting hospitalized

During the interview, we asked the actress about a moment she felt mentally low. She recalled, “Me and my dad were actually on a plane and he had an umbilical hernia that got strangulated. He had to be rushed to hospital and get the operation done. That night was very scary for me because I had never seen the strongest person in my life looking vulnerable and feeling. I dealt with the situation and did whatever I needed to at the hospital.”

Tamannaah on dealing with emotional turmoil

She further shared that she realized how important it is to deal with emotional turmoil. “But I think I made the mistake of not processing it and just going back to work. I even fell sick on the sets. The only thing that I learned from that experience is that fear and anxiety if not expressed, the repression of that can lead to it physically manifesting itself. For some people mentally manifesting as well. So it’s important is to let it out and experience it and fully process it”, said the actress.

Talking about what was her takeaway, Tamannaah said, “I also realized how sometimes we are judgmental of people and we box them into good and bad because of the actions that they take. We fail to acknowledge that sometimes people have an understanding of things. It’s so important that the information that people give to each other is positive and supportive. Sometimes that really is the reason why you might make some big decisions.”

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