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Key Highlights

  • Tina Datta clears the air on her reported fight with Uttaran co-star Rashami Desai
  • The actress also opened up on their present equation
  • Tina shares how she deals with rumours regarding her co-stars

There was a time in the Hindi entertainment industry when any two leading actresses were always pitted against each other. The notion was ‘two actresses can never be friends’. The word ‘catfight’ was often associated to actresses, especially when they shared screen space. Tina Datta and Rashami Desai faced the same during Uttaran as there were rumours of a fight between them. But were they true?

Recently, Tina appeared on the latest episode of Bollywood Bubble podcast, Let’s Talk. There, the actress revealed whether those rumours were true. She also opened up on her current equation with Rashami and how she handles with such reports now.

Tina Datta on her fallout with Rashami Desai

While Tina and Rashami were working on their show Uttaran, several reports had surfaced of a fallout between the actresses. The reason was touted to be insecurities between them as Tina played the protagonist and Rashami was the antagonist. However, Tina insists that there was no truth to those rumours. Rather they were, and still are, very good friends.

She said, “Me and Rashmi are actually very good friends. But when you’re doing a daily soap where she is portraying a gray character and I’m the positive lead in the show, there tend to happen ki jab hum scene kar rahe hain aur mood mein hain (when you are doing a scene and are in mood), because as an actor you have to be in your character. It can’t be like you’re a robot ‘on kiya perform kiya, off kiya perform ho gaya’. (You switch it on, perform, and then switch it off). It doesn’t work like that with actors.”

Tina added, “You are in that character, you are in that mind frame, you are in that zone. So logon ko aisa lagta tha ki oh my God Rashami aur Tina ka jhagda chal raha hai jabki aisa kuch bhi nahi tha. (People would assume that Rashami and I were fighting while there was nothing like that).” Both Tina and Rashami were paired opposite Nandish Sandhu on the show. The actor went on to marry Rashami in real life, but after a few years, the ex couple got divorced.

Tina on her current equation with Rashami

The actress revealed that she and Rashami continue to be thick friends even today. But she realises that their roles were such that those reports were expected. She shared, “Right now also, we are like great friends and she’s my neighbor, we stay in the same society. So, it’s nothing like that. But when your show is successful, rumors tend to float and stuff like that. Those days people really did not have a great PR. PR activity wasn’t that strong where you can dilute the news or you can probably tell out to the media that this is not what exactly has happened and your point of view and your side of the story. Things are much more easier and much more pleasant now.”

On handling nasty media reports…

Going further, Tina insisted that such rumours don’t affect her as such now. She asserted, “Talking about handling things, I think it doesn’t really affect me. I’m very straightforward, mere ko kuch bura laga ya maine koi article dekha (If I feel bad and read some article) and if someone else is also talking about me, I’ll walk up to you and say ‘hey, did you say this about me or what is it, what is the issue’.”

She added, “I believe in clearing the air rather than keeping it to myself and holding on to grudges. That’s not how I function and I feel that that’s not how it’s going to help me also in the long run. So it’s better that let the world talk whatever the world wants to talk. Logon ka to kaam hi hai kehna (People’s job is to talk). So you can’t really stop everyone and give explanation and justifications.”

It’s great to see Tina and Rashami prove the old notion of actresses fighting wrong. Not just that, Tina made a lot of other revelations on the podcast, including Bigg Boss 16 bias and her love life.

You can watch the entire chat with Tina here:

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