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Uorfi Javed is as much know for her fashion as she is known for speaking her mind and tackling different issues. The actress during an exclusive interacting with Bollywood Bubble, got candid about fashion, TV, relationships and lots more. During the same conversation, Uorfi Javed also revealed the real reason behind her not appearing at the fashion event of he year – Met Gala or on the infamous Cannes red carpet.

Uorfi Javed on Cannes & Met Gala

Talking about why she hasn’t made an appearance at the Met Gala or walked the infamous Cannes red carpet, Uorfi says, “Kyuki Uorfi ke pass nahi hai 3-4 crore table kharidne ke liye waha pe. Toh kya kare. (Uorfi doesn’t have 3-4 cores lying around to buy a table there.)” When asked what would be her mantra if she debuts at any of these much-talked-about events, Ms Javed replied, “It would be something which definitely has a lot of drama – like my recent bird outfit elevated a 100 times. Something more refined, something more couture. Something which involves a lot of technology, science, fashion, couture – everything, all at once.”

Uorfi Javed on Orry

Talking about Orry and if she sees him as her competition, Uorfi says, “Orry is not my competitor, Orry is my love.” She continued, “I love Orry. There is no competition with him. He’s amazing.” Talking about collaborating with Orry, Uorfi says she wants to work with him. However, she adds, “Orry is very busy. He also charges a lot.” She added that when they meet they only chill together and leave work talks away.

Uorfi on trolls

While talking about trolling and how she deals with it, Uorfi Javed said, “Mujhe aacha lagta hai trolling. Mujhe toh mazza aati hai. I enjoy it. Jab noise nahi karenge toh main pareshaan ho jaati hu. I like trolling, I like when people pass nasty comments, it keeps me grounded. (I like the trolling, it’s fun. When there is no trolling, I get worried.)”

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