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Waheeda Rehman, a legendary figure in Indian cinema, has graced the silver screen with her presence in numerous iconic films throughout her illustrious career. Her films with Guru Dutt including Pyaasa, Guide, CID among others have attained cult status making them a hit pair of Bollywood in the 90s. In an exclusive with Arbaaz Khan on The Invincibles, Waheeda Rehman shares how she was called a wooden doll and was suggested to get replaced in Pyaasa.

Waheeda Rehman recalls Guru Dutt was once told to replace her in Pyaasa

During the chat, the actress was asked how working with renowned directors left mark on her. She recalled the time she was told misfit for Pyaasa. “CID aur Pyaasa saath saath shuru hui thi. Both the films were produced by Guru Dutt but CID was directed by raj khosla. Toh cid ke usme mujhe khud mehsoos ho raha tha ki mai thik kaam nahi kar rahi hum agar mere samajh mein nahi aa raha tha ki kya karu mein. (During the shoot of CID I I had a feeling that something was off but I couldn’t understand how to work on it). Whereas Raj Ji didn’t knew to handle a newcomer, so he was unhappy.”

Waheeda Rehman recalls she was called Wooden doll

She further added, “He went to have a word with Guru Dutt. The conversation didn’t happened in front of me but I got to know about it through assistant directors. So Raj Khosla had said Guru Dutt that, ‘Tum bahut badi galti kar rahe ho. Pyaasa mein jo role keh rahe hai uske liye ye ladki bekaar hai. (You are making a mistake. This girl is misfit for the role in Pyaasa). She is a wooden doll. Dancer hogi but jaha acting karni hai waha dance nahi ho sakta na. Toh tum sochlo kyuki abhi shuru kiya hai tumne pyaasa. (She maybe a good dancer but where acting is concerned, dance can’t take place. So you can actually think about it as you have just started shooting the film). He meant to say you can replace her.”

Recalling how Guru Dutt praised her after shooting a few scenes, she shares, “I was shooting both the films simultaneously, then I went with guru dutt for shoot of song Jane Kya Tune Kahi to Kolkata. We even shot a few scenes there. When we returned, both the directors had a word and sharing his experience Guru Dutt said, ‘I am very happy. Wo ladki bahut jaldi pick up karti hai.’ Then Raj Ji said, ‘Come on guru, mai dukkhi baitha hu. Abhi itni shoot ho chuki hai picture we have to complete it. Are you sure nahi toh pachtaoge? Guru Dutt then confirmed he is happy with me. These conversations never happened in front of me. The Assistant Directors discussed with me. I once even felt where do I stand now? They then assured me not to worry as time will tell everything.”

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