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7 times Neena Gupta made us realize that it is ok to be imperfectly perfect; watch video

Neena Gupta is one of the most loved actresses in Bollywood. She is a national award-winning actress. But it is no secret that Neena Gupta’s life has not been a smooth ride. From being judged of having a child out of wedlock to struggling to get back in movies, Neena has been through it all. But, ace designer Masaba Gupta’s mother, has emerged as a winner and today she is one of the most celebrated actresses.

So celebrating the woman who has had an imperfectly perfect life; let’s look at some of the most inspiring and powerful lessons from Neena Gupta’s life that will keep you running forward in these gloomy times.

Parents have always got your back

Talking about her days in Mumbai in an exclusive interview with us, Neena had said that the only reason she survived in the city is that she had a family to fall back on, “When I came to Bombay, I was from a very protective family, and every six months, I wanted to go back. And I knew whatever I may do, Galat karu unke hisaab se, sahi karu, I can go back and cry unki godi me, and everything will be okay.”

Love Wins

Earlier, Neena said that she never poisoned her daughter Masaba Gupta against her father Viv Richards because there was a lot of love always. She said, ” I had Masaba because I loved Vivian. And if you love somebody, you can’t hate somebody like that. You may not live or do things together – woh dheere dheere pata chalta hai. But you can’t hate. Aisa toh nahi hota ki aaj love hai toh kal suddenly you late. And how can you put this thing in your daughter’s mind about her father. I don’t want to and don’t feel it. Why should I poison her thoughts? I have respect for him, he respects me and so, she has respect for both of us. It’s a very simple thing.”

All that matters is family in life

Neena said that she believes the most important relationship over the years is between parents and children, the rest is just a transaction and consequence of care and lust, “As far as love is concerned, I have come to a conclusion. What I have understood is that real love exists only between parents and children. Baki koi love nahi hota. Woh pehle lust hota hai, phir habit hoti hai and then, it’s caring, This is what I think.”

Always take the lessons that come your way

Neena went on to talk that she was very ignorant to the things that her parents tried to tell her or warn her about, but in tern, she has only come to realise that if she would have only listened to them, “So many things about my dad, I used to scream at him,’Yeh kya Hai? Yeh toh galat baat keh rahe ho?’ And today, I’m saying the same thing. And I tell Masaba the same thing like every mother, ‘Ek dinn naa tu yaad karegi mene tujhe kya bola tha?’ I think all parents say that to their kids.”

The show must go one

Talking about her mother’s death Neena said that instead of being upset, she was angry with her mother when she passed away. The Badhaai Ho actress said that while she thought now she will be able to perform the scenes well in her projects because she is emotional but it was quite the opposite and she couldn’t get a scene right. But she eventually worked her way through the dark, “I really needed an anchor and she was my anchor. Then my dad later on came and stayed with me. So it is very difficult but life goes on, dusre din toh khaana bhi khaahi lete hai na. That is how god has made us, ke kaam toh chalta hi rehta hai.”

Education Is Prime

Neena said that her mother used to say that completing your education is very important, but she learnt over the years that she was right, “So, what my mother said, suddenly comes into use to me. While I wanted to do drama, my mother urged me to complete my MA first, as she believed that studies hamesha kaam aati hai. And now, I realise padhai kabhi waste nahi jaati.”

Be your own woman

It is no secret that Neena Gupta is a self-made woman. While her life has not been all hearts and flowers, she was determined to make it on her own in the world as she was heard saying in an earlier interview, “I’ve always decided that I would never be dependent on a man.”

Check out the full conversation below:

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