Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan, Shah Rukh Khan six pack abs
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Actor Shah Rukh Khan has set the internet on fire with his hot shirtless picture from the sets of Pathaan. In the picture, he is seen flaunting his six-pack abs that is absolutely drool-worthy. After seeing the pic, we are now all geared up to witness Shah Rukh’s shirtless scenes. Speaking of which, before Pathan Shah Rukh Khan has flourished his six-pack abs in his previous movies.


Take a look at Shah Rukh Khan six-pack abs here:

Shah Rukh Khan is always a delight to watch, be it his cuteness, boyish charm or even his adorable dimple. He will steal your heart instantly. However, after Om Shaanti Om, we realised he gave also leave us breathless with his six-pack abs too. For the time, he flaunts his sculpted abs in Farah Khan’s directorial venture and oh boy, the entire country couldn’t stop gushing over him. Well, that’s what we call an SRK charm. Did you know, the superstar works post midnight and then eats his dinner?

Om Shaanti Om, Shah Rukh Khan, Shah Rukh Khan six pack abs
Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shaanti Om

The next film where SRK put his sculpted body on display was in Ra. One. Sadly, we did not see much of his shirtless look in the film; however, we get to see one in the poster of it which might have made all the girls feel a little weak at the knees. Yes, you just can’t take your eyes off this hot thing. For the unversed, Khan lifts 30-40 pounds of weight and cycles 30 mins in a day for cardio.

Ra. One, Shah Rukh Khan, Shah Rukh Khan six pack abs
Shah Rukh Khan in Ra. One

There was a huge uproar on social media when Shah Rukh Khan’s Charlie look from Happy New Year was released. Fans couldn’t believe that the actor could have pulled off unbelievable. The scene when he comes out of the pit, covered in all mud and when people around splashes water on him, well, it was nothing sort of hot! Khan not only looked completely smashing in the chiselled body but in fact, you just couldn’t spot the lover boy image that we usually have been seen in his previous movies. He looked sexy and macho in the film and we still going gaga over him. If you want a body like him, he cuts out all kinds of carbohydrates and includes all healthy items.

Happy New Year, Shah Rukh Khan, Shah Rukh Khan six pack abs
Shah Rukh Khan in Happy New Year

We know you must be thinking why Shah Rukh Khan’s look from Jab Harry Met Sejal is on the list then we would say, go away! Yes, there’s no shirtless scene of him in the movie but bro, the little sneak peek he gave during one of the songs in the film is enough for us to drool over it. In the song, he pulls his shirt up to flaunt his abs and it is HOT (yes, in bold letters) Just so you know, reportedly, Turkey, fish, paneer, egg whites and skimmed milk form a major part of his diet.

Jab Harry Met Sejal, Shah Rukh Khan, Shah Rukh Khan six pack abs
Shah Rukh Khan in Jab Harry Met Sejal

Now, we the best for last and that is his Pathaan look. Oh la la, did anyone else feel the hotness or was it just us? At the age of 56, the actor was seen exhibiting his abs like a boss. His long tresses and the way he was oozing swag, all enhanced his hotness and how. FYI, SRK is very fond of chicken and ensures to add them to his salad.


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