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Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 17 is currently one of the most talked-about reality shows. This season was full of drama, fights, surprising wildcard entries and evictions, to romance. Like every season, Bigg Boss 17 too kept the viewers entertained. Well, the grand finale is all set to take place on January 28. Ankita Lokhande, Mannara Chopra, Munawar Faruqui, Abhishek Kumar, and Arun Mashettey are the top 5 finalists of this season. Bigg Boss fans are excited to see who will lift the trophy and take home the cash prize.

Ahead of the grand finale, we look back at top moments of this season. From Ankita Lokhande-Vicky Jain fighting, Abhishek Kumar slapping Samarth Jurel to Ayesha Khan’s shocking allegations against Munawar Faruqui, here are top 5 Bigg Boss 17 highlights.

Bigg Boss 17 TOP highlights:

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s arguments and fights: The real-life couple Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain were two most talked-about contestants of Bigg Boss 17. From day one, Vicky and Ankita grabbed attention for multiple reasons. Time and again, Ankita and Vicky had ugly fights. From Ankita accusing Vicky of not being there for her emotionally, fighting with him for his close friendship with Mannara Chopra and a lot more, the couple made headlines every day. In some episodes, the duo also talked about getting a divorce.

After Vicky Jain’s mother entered the Bigg Boss house, thing got worse between the couple. Bigg Boss viewers saw a change in Ankita’s behaviour after her mother-in-law accused the actress of throwing chappal at Vicky and disrespecting him. Ankita had fights with Vicky over the same.

Sunny Arya aka Tehelka’s elimination: Sunny Arya made headlines for his friendship with Arun Mashettey. He also had arguments and fights with fellow contestants. Speaking of that, during his fight with Abhishek Kumar, Sunny Arya grabbed his collar and was later thrown out of the house.

Samarth Jurel’s entry in Bigg Boss: Samarth Jurel entered the Bigg Boss house was a wildcard contestant, leaving Isha Malviya shocked. At first, she refused to accept him as her boyfriend. Abhishek Kumar, who once dated Isha, cried inconsolably.

Abhishek Kumar slaps Samarth Jurel: In many episodes, Samarth and Abhishek got into heated arguments. However, in one of the episode, after Samarth was constantly provoking fun Abhishek’s mental health, he lost his cool and slapped him. Given the contestants’ decision, Abhishek was asked to leave the show. Following Samarth-Abhishek’s fight, many celebrities including Prince Narula, Riteish Deshmukh and others came out in support of the Bigg Boss 17 finalist. Later, in Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan slammed Samarth for his behaviour and made him, as well as others realise that he was equally wrong. Post that, it was decided that Abhishek will be back on the show.

Ayesha Khan accuses Munawar Faruqui of two-timing: Apart from Samarth, Ayesha Khan too entered the Bigg Boss house as a wildcard contestant. Ayesha had accused Munawar of two-timing between her and his ex-girlfriend Nazila Sitaishi. That’s not all, she also claimed that he had proposed marriage to ‘another girl’ before entering the Bigg Boss 17 house.

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