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Kim Taehyung, stage name V of BTS, is known to be the ‘bear’ of the septet. The vocalist and visual of the global band BTS, V turns a year older today, and fans around the world have been flooding him with best birthday wishes. Apart from being the ‘mood-setter’ of the group, V is known for communicating with fans, freely. He has often referred to ARMY as his ‘best friends’. While he definitely amps up in good looks, the member of the maknae line is loved for his distinct low voice that sets him apart. Otherwise, a very shy person, V embraces fans and Army with his impeccable understanding of emotions which he conveys with his songs. Be it Inner Child, Stigma or the most recent Christmas Tree, V possesses the rare quality of leaving you comforted, with his voice. A full mixtape by him is still awaited but a few of his solo releases sure are a must-have in your playlists. As Kim Taehyung aka BTS member V turns a year older, here’s a look at five of his songs on his birthday that defines his range as an artist.

The songs are being listed in no particular ranking or order.


1. Inner Child: Co-written and sung by V, Inner Child was released as solo song by V from BTS’s album Map of the Soul 7. The song embraces the child in every one of us who is perhaps only a part of our glorious memories today. As told by him, it is a song dedicated to his younger self. In a rather comforting way, V takes us through the emotional journey of losing the childlike innocence as we embrace adulthood. Through the song, he communicates to the inner child in himself and assures him “It will be okay, because today’s me is doing fine.” The song is a self-assurance letter to your younger self that tugs at your heartstrings, with every listen.

2. Stigma: Released as a part of BTS album Wings, Stigma was co-written and sung by Tae. It is an emotional confession of guilt, remorse and an ask for forgiveness. Stigma highlights the internal dilemma of a human beings who wants to be free of torment, of painful memories and V does a splendid job in portraying the helplessness. It is one of the songs which gives you a sense of relief after a listen, as if that mere confession can wash off the bad memories even if it is for 3 minutes.

3. Singularity: Sung as a solo by V, Singularity was released as a part of album Love Yourself: Tear. Following the album’s deeper message of putting yourself first, Singularity highlights the feeling of isolation in love and losing yourself and meaning in the process. It painfully stresses on the repercussions of not loving yourself enough. “Have I lost myself, Or have I gained you. I suddenly run to the lake, There’s my face in it,” V shares with ARMY the pain of losing one’s individuality. It is as if he treats Army as his confidant, expressing his innermost dilemma.

4: Sweet Night: Released as OST for the drama Iteawon Class, Sweet Night is perhaps one of the most favourites. V claimed that he wrote this song in quest to get a sweet night sleep. For those unaware, Tae has been open about not being able to sleep well at night. He put the thoughts that keeps him from sleeping and weaved a beautiful melody out of it with Sweet Night. It is the most comforting song, which sometimes can set you up for a good night sleep. The instrumental in itself acts as a lullaby which is like a warm hug on a cold winter night.

5. Winter Bear: V released Winter Bear unexpectedly in 2019 leaving everyone surprised. Yet again, V gifted army a retro mixed visual (also taken by him), accompanied by soothing vocals, describing a bear who perhaps sleeps for an extended period during winters, unlike Tae Tae, hence he calls her a ‘winter bear’.

Another masterpiece includes Blue and Grey which speaks about depression and anxiety in the most open manner. There is absolutely no way one can forget the impact the song has amongst the Army members.

His latest release Christmas Tree is also a soft melodious romantic track for the show Our Beloved Summer. In most of the songs where V has participated in writing, he speaks a lot about his inability to have a good night sleep, his inhibitions. They are letters to Army where he confesses and confides while sharing mutual comfort.


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Here’s wishing Kim Taehyung, a very happy birthday!

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