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The news of Shah Rukh Khan sporting 6 looks in Jawan had already come out before its prevue launch on Monday. However, none of us could have imagined being stunned by the actor the way we actually did. Who could have thought that SRK would pull off a bald look in such a sexy way. But he did and once again proved why he is called ‘King Khan’.

But this isn’t the first time Shah Rukh Khan has left us speechless with his look. He has done it quite a few times before too. And here’s recalling 5 such times when SRK gave us a shocker with his looks on screen.

Six Pack abs in Om Shanti Om

By 2007, Shah Rukh had already cemented his position as the ultimate romantic hero in Bollywood. His charm was nothing less than magical. Till then, ‘cute’ was the word that was usually associated with him. However, in 2007 SRK came and showed that his mind and wit aren’t the only things that make him sexy. He built a six-pack abs and showed it on screen for the first time in Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om.

The actor had made this promise to the choreographer-filmmaker of removing his shirt to uncover a chiselled physique for the first time only for her, and he did that. He literally left the audience drooling over him and Dard-E-Disco became a thirst trap.

The buck teeth look from Fan

While everyone expected SRK to ace a double role, the way he did it in Fan was just extraordinary. His fan look was seemingly distinctive from his star look, and it showed his expertise. You knew it was SRK, but with his immaculate acting and the look, the actor made the audience confused for a second if the two characters were being portrayed by the same person.

Dwarf look in Zero

SRK may have played a man of short stature in Aanand L Rai’s Zero but his stature as an actor just grew with it. The amount of dedication and hard work that went behind that portrayal speak volumes of his passion. Who could have imagined the Badshah to look as convincing as a dwarf and make everyone emotional with it. SRK’s prowess as an artist just knows no bounds.

Long hair in Pathaan

SRK and his ponytail became a style statement as soon as he started sporting one. But the day he showed his long tresses in Pathaan, one couldn’t help but swoon all over it. The long hair look of Shah Rukh made him all the more appealing, as if that was possible, but it did happen. Pathaan gave us a new and rejuvenated SRK and the long hair look reinforced that new beginning.

Bald look in Jawan

After that long hair look in Pathaan, who would have thought that SRK would look as sexy, if not more, with a bald head. But he proved us wrong again and how. Shah Rukh has multiple amazing looks in Jawan prevue but the most striking one has to be the bald one. What adds to its appeal is his cute dance on ‘Bekaraar Karke Hame’. Who hasn’t got all the more excited to see it in full force in the film. Jawan has a release date of September 7, 2023 and the wait for it has got all the more exciting.

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