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Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao starrer Mr and Mrs Mahi is all set to hit the theatres on  May 31. Both the actors have been busy promoting the movie. The film is about Mahima (Janhvi) and Mahendra’s (Rajkummar) love story. Mahendra and Mahima get married in an arranged marriage set up who later realise they have similar interests in cricket. Further Rajkummar’s character helps his wife Mahima to pursue a career in cricket after he realises her ability. The movie has more to offer than just love and drama. Before completely diving into the ocean of romance, let us go through a few mushy moments from the trailer of the movie.

5 romantic moments of Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao from the trailer of Mr and Mrs Mahi

1) Let us begin with one such scene where Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao are seen entering the temple. Rajkummar’s character, Mahendra, is every guy in love as he gazes at Janhvi’s character, Mahima. It’s one of the most romantic scenes as it beautifully displays Mahendra’s deep love and affection for Mahima, making the audience’s hearts flutter with the intensity of his feelings.

2) Another enchanting scene is during Holi, where Mahima and Mahendra live every couple’s dream as they celebrate the festival together. Both color each other with ‘gulaal,’ symbolizing their love and unity. Dono bhi pyaar ke rang mein rang jaate hai, creating a vivid, emotional portrait of their bond, bathed in the hues of love and joy.

3) A wedding is an incredibly significant moment in every couple’s life. This is the scene where Mahendra and Mahima officially become Mr. and Mrs. Mahi. Shy guys will relate most to Mahendra as he poses with Mahima for pictures. His hesitation to put his hand on his wife’s shoulder highlights the tender romance in his shyness, reminding us that love can be found in the smallest, most hesitant gestures.

4) The movie takes a heartfelt turn when Mahendra learns of his wife Mahima’s love for cricket. Being a cricket fan himself, Mahendra gets tickets for an India cricket match for both of them. Isn’t this what every girl dreams of? A partner who remembers and cherishes her every like and dislike. Mahendra’s thoughtful gesture makes him a green flag in the realm of romance, showing his deep understanding and affection.

5) Mahendra and Mahima’s journey towards companionship and struggle begins when Mahendra encourages her to pursue cricket as a career. He turns out to be the most supportive husband every woman aspires to have. Mahendra trains Mahima, teaching her to play cricket to reach an international level in the Women’s cricket league. This supportive act not only strengthens their bond but also highlights Mahendra’s unwavering love and belief in Mahima’s dreams, making their love story truly inspiring and deeply romantic.

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