EXCLUSIVE: Rahul Vaidya is not dating Riya Sen

The internet has been buzzing with pictures of Ex-Indian Idol singer Rahul Vaidya and actress Riya Sen on a dinner date. There has been much gossip over the pictures and everybody has been left speculating whether the two celebs are dating each other.

But there is no truth to these rumours that have caught the fancy of social media and Internet. We have exclusively heard from the man himself. Rahul has confessed exclusively to us that he is not dating Riya Sen:

I’m definitely not dating Riya Sen. Me and Riya were just hanging out together like normal friends. These rumours are not true.

Well, if you’re wondering which pictures are we talking about then here are the picture that had the gossip mongers taking the net by storm:

Thanks for the lovely dinner Riya !

A photo posted by RAHUL VAIDYA RKV (@rahulvaidyarkv) on

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