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The popular singer Rahul Vaidya recently posted a video on his Instagram account where he was seen walking through the floods in Dubai. He was in the country for some work, but he had no idea that he would be caught in the middle of a terrifying situation. Speaking about the horrifying incident, Rahul Vaidya mentioned that the floods have caused severe damage in Dubai, and the situation is quite bad.

Rahul Vaidya on Dubai floods

The singer told HT, “I went to Dubai two days ago for some work. It was all okay till yesterday, but achaanak se kal jab utha dupeher 1-2 baje bhayankar baarish shuru hogayi. (But suddenly after I got up around 1-2, it was pouring heavily.) It was dark at 3 pm, with thunders and lightning.”

I had just gone to the mall thinking that every other plan got cancelled. I was supposed to meet a few friends but nobody stepped out of their homes and I was alone in the hotel, so I went walking because it was close, everything was still ok by then. But, by the time I came back, do ghante mai itna zyada paani bhargaya tha, vo video uss vaapsi ki hi hai. Jeans upar karke and joote nikaalke aana pada, the water was till my knees.” (By the time I came back, places were flooded within two hours. That video was shot during my return. I had to come back with my jeans pulled and my shoes in my hand.)

The Bigg Boss 14 fame stated that flights were disrupted and cancelled due to flooding in the airport, roads, and cars. His flight was delayed by two hours. He further added, “The situation has caught everybody by surprise, no one was prepared for it. I heard that two people died due to electric shock while walking in water. I am glad I am safe and back home in time.

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