BTS’ Kim Taehyung aka V teases he is going to bulk up his body like Namjoon aka RM

Image Source - Instagram

BTS ARMY surely is in for some amazing time with their members returning with a comeback song soon. Their next single titled Permission to Dance is slated for a release on July 9, ARMY Day. Recently, they released a Japanese album and had been busy promoting the same. During one of the promotions, Kim Taehyung aka V, the most handsome man in the world, as per statistics, teased fans that he is working on his body a lot and is sure to bulk up like BTS group leader RM aka Kim Namjoon.

During the conversations, Tae aka V is seen praising Namjoon’s body saying that it is very nice and that it is his turn next to work on his body and bulk up. We can only imagine what ARMY would feel like knowing they simp over RM’s bulked-up body. Also, if the latest concept photos for Butter is noted, Tae (V) seems to have worked a lot on his body with his veins and toned arms at the display. Don’t mind us as we gush over the members who leave no stone unturned to offer something new to ARMY every time.

Permission to Dance will be a collaboration between Ed Sheeran and BTS, as per reports. Ed Sheeran had previously spilled the beans and revealed that the song is very ‘dancey’ and is his favourite song by the septet. Well, we cannot wait to get our hands on it. The latest concept photos of the members show them chilling by the beach. The charm they exude in the pictures is definitely ‘smooth like butter.’ Apart from the new single, two new versions of Butter will also be a part of the physical CD being offered to ARMY on July 9.

Besides, BTS yet again proved that they are here to stay as Butter continued to top Billboard Hot 100 for the fifth consecutive week. This is a new record for the group in itself. Additionally, they wrapped up their annual Muster Sowoozoo where 1.33 million paid viewers tuned in from 195 countries/regions across two days, June 13-14.

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