BTS turn carwashers in their next photo concepts leaving ARMY in a frenzy

Image Source - Twitter

BTS (RM, Suga, Jin, J-hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) are making sure to leave ARMY wanting more with their latest concept pics. The septet will be releasing a physical CD of Butter which will consist of the Peach and Cream version of the song along with a new single titled Permission to Dance. The third version for the concept photos shows the BTS members turn into car washers and damn hot at it, if we may add. The pictures have literally set the ARMYs across the globe on fire and we cannot wait to see what the group has in store for us on July 9.

For those unaware, July 9 marks the anniversary of ARMY day. This was the day in 2014 when the word ARMY was coined which resembles fans across the world. BTS and ARMY are a package deal, as proved many times and they are impatiently waiting for Permission to Dance to drop. For the third concept photos, the members are seen in their element as they are busy washing the car which has their birth date as a nameplate.

RM is seen exuding his hotter self in a white T-shirt paired with a blue sleeveless jacket and denim. Suga also sported a white T-shirt and denim on denim look making for another hot look. J-Hope opted for a rather cool look with a white T-shirt and printed shorts along with boots which is quite a visual to behold. Jin, on the other hand, opted for a denim jumpsuit with a bandana acting as a belt and we truly can’t take our eyes off him. Jimin got bolder exposing his perfect arms in a white tank top and denim while Jungkook sported a white T-shirt paired with an off-shoulder denim dungaree making for quite a vision. V opted for a cool look with a white shirt paired with a lemon-colored shirt kept open and denim shorts. All the members have been making sure to leave ARMY enchanted with their concept photo versions. If the patterns is understood, another pair of concept pics will be dropped tonight (8:30 PM IST) and we cannot wait to see what new is in store!

We are totally digging these BTS looks! Are you excited about their upcoming song?

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