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MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) took place today and among others, global superstars BTS won three awards in different categories. The boys have been literally holding the spotlight with their music and their growing popularity is not something you can ignore anymore. At the VMAs held today in the USA, BTS won the best group award at VMAs. They defeated Blackpink, Jonas Brothers, Sonic among others to win the title. They also won best K Pop for their latest single Butter which has been breaking records worldwide. Just last week, Butter reappeared as number one on Billboard Hot 100 for the 10th time creating history in itself.

Apart from winning the best Kpop and group award, they also won in the Song of the Summer category for Butter. BTS has always maintained that they created Butter for fans to just feel positive and happy. While BTS won the three awards, they lost to Harry Styles in the Best choreography category. This definitely angered fans given that Butter is easily one of the best-choreographed songs in last year.


In their winning speech which they recorded from Seoul, South Korea, BTS said, “Thanks for this award. Sorry we couldn’t be there, but hopefully next time we will. We’ve been so blessed and grateful for all of the love we received this year. Shoutout to ARMY! You’re the best people in the world. We’ll keep bringing great music for all of you guys. Love you all!”


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For those unaware, BTS made their debut in 2013 and recently completed 8 years together. Their music has inspired the youth and their self-love message has connected with the people like never before. The group was declared the official representative for South Korea recently and will be visiting The UN General Assembly this September.

ARMYs, are you happy? Congratulations BTS!

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