Happy Birthday RM: Versatility is Joonie’s second name; these solo albums are a proof

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Kim Namjoon is not just the leader and representative spokesperson for BTS, he is an emotion. With almost 170 song production credits to him, RM is one of the most sought after artists. The depth he brings to any song is inexplicable. Apart from being an integral part of BTS, he is also a songwriter, producer and rapper who is also responsible for bringing many song tracks to life. His solo songs are enough to make you fall in love with him. With his solo songs, RM touches upon subjects and bares his inner self like never before. As RM celebrates his birthday today, here’s a look at three of his albums which is proof of his versatility.

What makes RM’s solo songs highly unique is that each time, there is a new sound and emotion which leave fans curious. RM has time and again reiterated that he doesn’t want to box himself into a category of the genre. He puts his journey of self-discovery into words that pierce your heartstrings like nothing else.

Mono: In 2018, RM released his second mixtape ‘Mono’. For Mono, Joonie took a route to self-introspection and reflected on everything. He reminded everyone to slow down when needed without feeling guilty. The lyrics are assuring and liberating. “Cuz in the rain people are busy minding themselves. Gonna breathe a little slower. Cuz my life and my rap, they’re usually too fast,” says RM. His comforting lyrics are like a warm blanket on a cold day. It is truly a timeless album. It featured seven tracks with Moonchild, Forever Rain being an absolute favourite.

Reflection: In October 2016, RM released his Wings solo track ‘Reflection’. Through the track, RM opened up and reflected on feeling helpless and slipping into a dark space. It is his admission of feeling lost and trying to find himself. With lines like “Everyone else knows where they’re supposed to be, but only I walk without purpose,” RM speaks to us. He confided with ARMYs through Reflection and ARMYs reassured him that they love him come what may.

RM: In his first self-titled album, RM put together 11 songs which spoke about his journey from being an underground rapper to becoming an idol. With songs like Do You, Awakening, RM speaks about his struggle of accepting the new change, the pressure and dabbling between being an artist and an idol and slowly coming to terms with it. “I accept it fully now and I just do me. Whether I’m an idol or an artist, to be honest, it’s not important,” he says in his rap portion.

RM recently released a solo track Bicycle which was comforting and soothing, it spoke about his desire to just ride the bicycle and let the wind soothe his worries. It is about letting go and living in the moment, even when things seem hard.

RM’s solo songs are truly healing and today on his birthday, let’s hear it again. Thank You Joonie!

Here’s wishing RM a very happy birthday!

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