Abbas-Mustan on working with Shah Rukh Khan again: Discussions with him keep on happening

Recently, in an interview, while talking collaborating with Shah Rukh Khan again, Abbas-Mustan said that when they meet the actor discussions happen.

Abbas-Mustan on working with Shah Rukh Khan again: Discussions with him keep on happening

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Abbas Mustan Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan had collaborated with director duo Abbas-Mustan for films like ‘Baazigar’ and ‘Baadshah’. Both the films were of different genres, and we are sure fans of the actor would be excited to see him in an Abbas-Mustan film again.

Recently, in an interview, when the director duo was asked about collaborating with Shah Rukh Khan, they said, “Yes 100%. When we meet, discussions happen. But see we made ‘Baazigar’ with him, and then we made ‘Baadshah’ which was totally different. So, we have something different subject in mind, but we have work on it properly. So there has to be an unusual subject, and after long time we will come together.”

Well, the director duo is currently busy with the promotions of their film upcoming directorial ‘Machine’ which marks the debut of Abbas’ son, Mustafa. The trailer of the film was out a few days go, and a lot of people felt that the movie is inspired by Abbas-Mustan cult film ‘Baazigar’. When we asked them about ‘Machine’ being a remake or being inspired by the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer, they said, “No this is not a remake of ‘Baazigar’. How can you say it’s a remake? ‘Baazigar’ is an iconic film, there’s no comparison. But, it is a thriller genre film and Mustafa’s character is multi-layered. That was a revenge film; this is a romantic-thriller.” (Also Read: The Men in White! From a chawl to Lokhandwala, Abbas-Mustan’s journey is commendable)

The movie, which also stars Kiara Advani, is slated to hit the screens on March 17.