Anupam Kher, Neena Gupta

Film: Shiv Shastri Balboa

Director: Ajayan Venugopalan

Star Cast: Anupam Kher, Neena Gupta

Platform: Theatres

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 3/5 stars

Shiv Shastri Balboa Movie REVIEW:

Shiv Shastri Balboa Review: Every human being has a protocol to follow when it comes to living their lives. Earlier, everyone had the same plan in their life – complete your studies, get a nice job, get married, have kids, have grandkids, retire and then you start living your life a little. And this vicious life circle goes on and on. Even though the people of this generation have started living their on their own terms instead of following the same, there are certain people who are still following the suit. I’m saying all this because Shiv Shahtri Balboa is a slice of drama that will surely make you learn how to fall in love with life again and how age is not important to enjoy the life.

Shiv Shashtri Balboa is about a retired man who is a huge fan of Sylvester Stallone starrer Rocky. After getting retired from his bank job, he decides to live with his son and his family in America. As he comes to a different country, he learns how people in America live. Amidst this, he learns how to live his life to the fullest. Anupam Kher and Neena Gupta starrer is a light hearted film with some thoughtful lines. It changes one’s perception to see life.


I felt in some cases, I felt the storyline took a small detour as unnecessary drama was incorporated in the story. If that was avoided, I’m sure Shiv Shastri Balboa would indeed have been an interesting watch. I didn’t enjoy the part when Neena Gupta’s story took a different turn, it sort of felt misfit and a little too dramatic.


Shiv Shastri a retiree from India and a big Rocky movie fan moves to the USA and ends up on an unexpected road trip through the American heartland which teaches that it’s never too old to reinvent yourself.

Star Performances:

Anupam Kher who plays the titular role is the cutest grandpa that any kid would love to have. From his hilarious one-liners to his polite nature, Shiv Shahtri can easily be your favourite grandpa. Anupam is one of the fine artists in the industry and once again, he manages to bring that level of freshness and energy that we saw in his early days. Anupam Kher seems to have outdone himself as he delivers an effortless performance.

Neena Gupta is a natural, i have been saying that and will continue to do so. She brings a new level of gravitas to her character and that is quite phenomenal. When i say natural, Neena just knows what needs to be done. It’s like all she did like read her character once and she knows how to portray with utmost dedication. She essays the role of a house help as Elsa who is helpless and vulnerable. The only thing she wants in her life is to go back to her family in India.


Overall, Anupam Kher and Neena Gupta starrer shiv Shashtri Balboa is that kind of film that you will enjoy as well as learn something more. The slice of drama is a heartwarming film that will surely bring up a smile on your face.

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