Shahid Kapoor, Vijay Sethupathi, Farzi review

Series: Farzi

Director: Raj and DK

Star Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Vijay Sethupathi, Raashii Khanna,

Platform: Amazon Prime

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 4/5 stars

Farzi REVIEW: 

When poverty hits you, you don’t understand what’s wrong and what’s right! You don’t draw the line between what’s correct and what’s incorrect. And that’s when half of your problems start and make your life a living hell! Well, Farzi is all about that. The one-word review for the Shahid Kapoor starrer would be intriguing. The 8-episode series is quite gripping with the right dose of humour.


Raj and DK go too much into the details and hence, the runtime of each episode gets longer. Mind you each episode of Farzi is of 60 minutes, so you have to invest a good amount of 8 hours in the series. Though you enjoy the details, it gets a little tedious in some parts.


An artist named Sunny strives hard to get above middle-class status. He sells his paintings for a living; however, that is not enough when he had to save his grandpa’s printing press. He puts his talent to the wrong use and gets pulled into the murky high stakes of a con job, acquiring success. But happiness was short-lived for him when a fiery task force officer named Micheal gets on a mission to rid the country of his menaces in an edgy one-of-a-kind thriller. Will he be able to catch Sunny? Will he be able to free the country of counterfeit currency?

Star Performances: 

Shahid Kapoor plays the lead role of Sunny who is a brilliant artist. He makes a replica of a famous painter’s painting and you won’t be able to make any differences between the original and the fake. Sunny has seen a lot of hardships since childhood but stood tall and knew how to tackle them even though by all the wrong means. Though he tracks himself on the wrong track, he has a soft side for his girlfriend, friends, and even his grandpa.

Before I start talking about his performance, Shahid looks absolutely hot. His cool beard and messy hair are only enhancing his hotness to another level. I can’t drool over him more now. But he has done a fab job. From being a thirsty crow to a helpless man, Shaid emotes his emotion with utmost dedication.

The Hindi slangs and accent seem to come naturally to him and quite organically maybe because we have seen him such similar characters before. He picked it up quite smoothly. In fact, acting like an artist also need a lot of art and he does it with finesse, making you believe that he is an artist.

Vijay Sethupathi makes his Bollywood debut with Farzi and I don’t know even though I’m the only one but his Hindi accent is just too cute for words. Moreover, whenever he says a cuss word in Hindi, you don’t feel bad but enjoy it. Nevertheless, he plays the role of an undercover police officer who has a task force under him.

His sole motive is to bring down the most wanted criminal Mansoor Dalal. He might have a messed up personal life but he is surely the best in his field. Since he is an officer, Vijay is seen as an officer who is super cool with a ton of swag. He plays his part with so much ease that you start rooting for him and his character sort of grows on you.

Raashii Khanna plays the role of an employee at RBI who has deep knowledge of counterfeit currency. She joins Michael’s task force to catch the person behind making such currencies. Raashi plays her part quite well. I was quite amazed to see her performance. Usually, the characters she is often playing in the South or in the handful of Bollywood movies are not significant; however, she ensures to grab this role with both hands and proved that she is more than a damsel in distress.

Kay Kay Memon plays the role of the most wanted criminal Mansoor Dalal who has a business setting up fake currencies in the market. He is just effortless and just knows his character way too nicely.

On the other hand, Saqib Ayub as Anees, Bhuvan Arora as Firoz, and Chittaranjan Giri as Yasir Chacha have done a commendable job in their space. However, it was such a nostalgic moment to see Amol Palekar one more time onscreen. He plays Sunny’s grandpa and he is just refreshing.


Raj and DK have a unique style of narration that will keep you hooked. Just like in The Family Man, they know when to strike the right chord with the viewers. The creator wanted the viewers to enjoy each character as well as each moment that they create onscreen. I like how they into details but sometimes, it is tiresome. However, the one thing I absolutely enjoyed is the process of making counterfeit notes. He ensured the viewers get to know every aspect of how a Farzi note is made, it is like watching a tutorial on YouTube.


Overall, Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupathi starrer Farzi is a compelling watch and will keep you hooked till the end. But to be honest, I started watching the series for Shahid but ended up rooting for Vijay.

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