bambai meri jaan movie review,

Bambai Meri Jaan Series

Bubble Rating:
2.5 stars

Director: Shujaat Saudagar

Star cast: Kay Kay Menon, Avinash Tiwary, Amyra Dastur, Kritika Kamra, Nivedita Bhattacharya, Saurabh Sachdeva, Nawab Shah, Vivan Bhatena, Shiv Panditt

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Episodes/ Runtime: 10, 40 mins per episode

Bambai Meri Jaan review

Movies like Shootout At Wadala, Lokhandwala, Haseena Parkar, and D-Day are all based on the Mumbai underworld. And people have loved them for their different plots. There was a time when Mumbai became the main hub for all the gangsters. Speaking of which, Excel Entertainment brings a gangster drama based on the Mumbai underworld titled Bambai Meri Jaan. The series speaks about the time when black money, smuggling, illegal businesses and crime were the common thing in Mumbai. There was no strong law and order but gangsters used to rule people. Well, the Bambai Meri Jaan series brings out the same concept and flavour with no freshness. The series doesn’t offer anything new or something that we have not seen in other underworld stories. The series is long with a done-and-dusted plot.


Set in the post-independence Bombay, the streets are riddled with crime. It is an honest cop’s journey as he tries to protect his family. The fictional crime series is a gripping saga about a father and son who are two sides of the same coin. The series explores the classic, universal battle of good versus evil. The story chronicles the life and rise of a young man, Dara Kadri (played by Tiwary), torn between his father’s law enforcement legacy (played by Menon) and his own journey into the heart of organized crime. He grows up to become a gangster and gets himself into the underworld just as Haji conquered the entire city. Dara ensures to work with Haji and become king of Mumbai. But the crown comes with a cost and it’s not an easy one.

What’s good about Bambai Meri Jaan

Costumes: Given the fact that the Bambai Meri Jaan series is set in the 60s, they have nicely shown the evolution of fashion. Be it Bell bottom jeans and pants, oversized and printed shirts or a long heavy moustache and deadly side locks, the director chose to capture that essence very well. Maintaining the era, Shugaat managed to bring the 60s and 70s fashion. The nostalgia hits you differently.

Performances: The series actually boasts of a stellar star cast. However, among all, Kay Kay Menon steals all the limelight. He plays Ismail Kadri, an honest police officer who follows his principles and doesn’t let his values fall on other’s feet. Moreover, Avinash, Saurabh, Nivedita and others have also contributed a lot to this story making it a decent watch.

What didn’t work for Bambai Meri Jaan

Storyline: I don’t know why but Bambai Meri Jaan didn’t entice me as much as it was supposed to be. Given that it is a crime drama set in the post-independence era, I was intrigued by the trailer. However, it doesn’t live up to its expectations. I felt the screenplay was stretched and dragged. The series could have easily concluded in less than 10 episodes. A lot of things were going on and hence, you will feel like some scenes could have been chopped easily. Without giving out much, some scenes of Dara’s childhood, Dara’s love story and others could be edited. In fact, there are several scenes that make you lose interest in the series.

Star performances

Kay Kay Menon plays a police officer and he is just terrific. There’s a certain calmness in his body language and fire in his eyes that connects with you instantly. He makes you feel his pain, he makes you feel his vulnerable. I guess that’s the power of being a stellar actor. He demands all the right attention and to be honest, I couldn’t shift my eyes from him whenever he graced the screen.

From seeing him debuting in Laila Majnu to seeing him play a smart gangster, Avinash Tiwary has come a long way for sure. He grew as an actor and did a fantastic job in Bambai Meri Jaan. In fact, his character graph changes once he faces turmoil in his life. The transformation from being a galli ka chor to becoming the No. 1 gangster in the city is quite captivating.

Amyra Dastur is barely there in the series and is seen as Dara’s love interest. Though she has limited screen time, Amyra’s character is strong and feisty. I like that fiery side of Pari that makes you relate to her.

Kritika Kamra

She plays Dara’s sister Habbiba; however, in some parts, it seems like she tries hard to become a tough character. Kritika is actually a good actress but sadly, she didn’t really impress with her performance. It seems like the character was not written for her.

Nivedita Bhattacharya who plays Ismail Darbar’s wife Sakina stands stall even in front of Kay Kay Menon. She doesn’t lose her focus and holds her ground perfectly even through the emotional scenes.

Saurabh Sachdeva seems like an unsung hero who shines like a diamond. He excels in his part. you hate him or love him but you definitely can’t ignore him. His intense gaze will captivate for sure. Nawab Shah and Vivan Bhatena have also done a fantastic job with their roles as Pathan and Abdullah respectively. They have added a lot of value to the script. On the other hand, Shiv Panditt who also plays an honest police officer is seen in a limited screenspace and gives a decent performance.


Concluding my review, Bambai Meri Jaan is brutal and gritty which is nicely backed with the retro look of the Mumbai underworld. The series is pretty long and stretched, resulting in losing connection. However, if you like this crime genre, then this could be your pick.

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