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The Fall Guy

Bubble Rating:
3.0 stars

Director: David Leitch

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hannah Waddingham, Teresa Palmer, Stephanie Hsu, Winston Duke

Runtime: 126 minutes (2 hours 6 minutes)

Platform: In theatres

The Fall Guy Review

In The Fall Guy, Ryan Gosling portrays Colt Seavers, a stunt double for Hollywood superstar Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). When a stunt goes awry, Colt suffers severe injuries and disappears from the scene, leaving behind his budding romance with camera-woman Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt). A year and a half later, Colt is drawn back into the world of stunts when executive producer Gail Meyer (Hannah Waddingham) offers him a job on a film directed by none other than Jody herself. As Colt and Jody reconnect, they must confront their unresolved feelings amidst the search for the missing Tom Ryder.

The movie is also a tribute to the stuntmen who rarely get credit for the hard work they put in making an actioner a success.

What works for the movie

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt effortlessly captivate viewers with their on-screen chemistry and magnetic presence. The film delivers exhilarating stunts that are expertly shot and immersive, paying homage to the unsung heroes of the industry. The breathtaking stunt sequence is every action lover’s dream come true.

The Fall Guy offers a noble tribute to the dedicated stunt guys who bring films to life, adding depth to its thematic undertones. Meta references sprinkled throughout the film enhance its relatability and provide an added layer of enjoyment for cinephiles.

What doesn’t work

The Fall Guy struggles to find its identity, failing to fully embrace its romantic or comedic elements. The screenplay feels disjointed and lacks cohesion, resulting in a scattered narrative. While Gosling shines as Colt Seavers, Blunt’s character, Jody Moreno, suffers from underdeveloped characterization, hindering her impact on the storyline.

The film’s screenplay becomes tiresome as it progresses, with uncommon moments of redemption only emerging in the final minutes. Suspension of disbelief is most required. Some plot points require a significant suspension of disbelief, challenging the audience’s ability to fully invest in the story.

Star Performances

Ryan Gosling‘s portrayal of Colt Seavers is captivating, showcasing his charisma and versatility as an actor. The action, dialogue delivery and emotions are on point. Gosling’s punchline doesn’t fail to make the audience laugh and giggle. Turns out, our Ken is more than just a funny boy.

Emily Blunt as Jody Moreno delivers a commendable performance despite her limited character development. She’s a strong-headed director who wishes to create the movie of her dreams and inspire all women to follow their dreams. Jody’s less screen time however came out as a disappointment. 

Hannah Waddingham and Aaron Taylor-Johnson offer reasonable performances, with a special appearance adding intrigue towards the film’s conclusion.


The Fall Guy offers a mixed bag of action, romance, and noble intentions, but ultimately, fails to recognize itself. While it boasts breathtaking stunts and charismatic performances, the film’s disjointed narrative and lack of genre cohesion result in a half-baked experience. Despite its flaws, The Fall Guy may still appeal to fans of Gosling and Blunt, offering moments of entertainment amidst its shortcomings. The Barbenheimer duo charm the audience with their swift chemistry and cute dialogues.

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