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Farrey movie review

Bubble Rating:
4.0 stars

Platform: Theatre

Director: Soumendra Padhi

Star cast: Alizeh Agnihotri, Prasanna Bisht, Sahil Mehta, Ronit Roy, Zeyn Shaw, Shilpa Shukla

Farrey movie review

Before penning down my review, there are a few things that I would like to take away from Farrey movie. First, never take your parents for granted, your education for granted, use your intelligence wisely and choose your friends wisely. The movie actually teaches you a lot and that’s why its concept is so interesting. As I have mentioned in my headline, Farrey is an unusual high school drama, something you have not seen before in other high school dramas.

It is basically a story about a few students cheating with the help of two toppers from the school in exchange for money. Trust me, I have never seen or even heard something as crazy as this one. Yes, there are some flaws but Farrey is unexpected. I went with a clean slate in my mind and interestingly, it surprised me.


A smart girl named Niyati gets admission into an elite school on a scholarship. She struggles to make a place inside the elite class and soon makes some friends. However, little did an orphan genius Niyati know that she would get entangled in a cheating racket when some of her rich friends lured her into helping them cheat in exams through elaborate methods. In order to cheat, her rich friends offer her money every exam. Unfortunately, she goes deeper into the mess that looks traumatising. It shows Niyati’s journey as a friend who helps her friends cheat to how she gets out of the mess.

What’s best in Farrey

Storyline: As I have mentioned before, the best part about Farrey is its story. Writers Abhishek Yadav and Soumendra Padhi have given quite a riveting story. It just amazes you to see how the kids can go to such an extent just to cheat their way out. A story which is so relevant in today’s world that people might even relate to it on some level.

What’s not in Farrey

Screenplay: However, the flaws come in the second part when things get a little absurd. Without giving any spoilers, it felt like certain characters had not reached to a proper conclusion. You would want to know what happens with Chavi and Pratik but the scenes are abruptly ended. So is the ending of the movie. Sadly, I couldn’t see a proper conclusion to Farrey. Moreover, it also makes me think ‘How come they got away with it so easily.’ ‘How come a school student is taking their exams in another country and no school authorities know about it? How come school heads or teachers are unaware that the school topper is missing from the exams in India? There are some pieces that did not fit in the puzzle.

Star performances

Alizeh Agnihotri makes her Bollywood debut in Farrey and she leaves me amazed with her performance. From being at the peak of vulnerability to being a smart kid, Alizeh makes an impactful performance. She looks promising and plays her part with conviction. Prasanna Bisht is equally strong and demands attention. She will make sure you hate her character, which is quite impressive.

Sahil Mehta is just superb. You literally feel for this character and his presence in the film demands attention. His character is pretty interesting and the way he portrays it is commendable. Zeyn Shaw is another charmer who will leave you amazed with his performance. Don’t just fall for his boyish charms, this man is more than meets the eyes. He truly shines in one of the emotional scenes.

Ronit Roy is a great performer, needless to say. He makes all his characters so effortless and easy that you automatically feel all the emotions that he shows onscreen. I have always adored his previous performances. Shilpa Shukla also plays her part perfectly and with great ease despite being seen in a limited screen time.


Concluding my review, Alizeh Agnihotri makes a smashing debut with Farrey. It is a dark high school drama which is unusual and not like other high school dramas. The concept is never been seen before and hence, it will keep you engrossed. The refreshing and gripping drama will leave you astonished.

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