Gurgaon movie review: An intense ride for a very niche audience

Directed By: Shanker Raman
Produced By: Jar Pictures
Cast: Akshay Oberoi, Pankaj Tripathi, Ragini Khanna
Duration: 1 hours 47 minutes
Bollywood Bubble Rating: 3/5

When a daughter is born in a family, everyone says, “Lakshmi hui hai.” But, we still live in a country with places where daughters are not accepted with open arms.

Today we watched a film titled ‘Gurgaon’. We are sure not many of you have heard about it because it has not been promoted at many reality shows, nor does it have songs that can get millions of views on YouTube. But, then we have always heard and even seen in case of few films that ‘content is the king’.

‘Gurgaon’ is about Kerry Singh (Pankaj Tripathi) who is having a great life with his wife and kids. Well, his love for his daughter Preet (Ragini Khanna) is unconditional and his each and every business is named after her. This is something that doesn’t go down well with his son Nikki (Akshay Oberoi). Once Nikki loses in betting and now, has to repay a huge amount. To get the money, he plans to kidnap his sister. But, things don’t go as planned. What happens next? For that you need to watch the film.

The story of the film is very good. The unwanted girl child angle is also wonderfully shown and there are sequences that will give you goosebumps. But, while the story of the movie is amazing, the screenplay lacks a very important thing. When we make a thriller the most important thing is the pace of the movie. In ‘Gurgaon’, the screenplay is very slow. There are no edge of the seat moments or scenes that excite you for what will happen next. The film starts on a pace and ends on the same pace, and that’s the biggest problem here.

Shanker Raman’s narration is realistic and makes the film intense. He doesn’t go overboard at any point to make the film look dramatised. The locations are apt, the accent of the actors are perfect and even the characters make us believe in them. But, as we said that the film’s pace is same throughout, Shanker’s narration is also very static in the whole film. The editing could have been much better. This film should have been more crisp. There’s not much scope for cinematography in the film.

Shanker Raman had some great actors in his hands, and he has used each one of them wonderfully. Pankaj Tripathi is excellent. Is there any role this actor can’t do? Akshay Oberoi is simply fantastic. With that cute-good looking face, he amazingly manages to play the bad guy. Ragini Khanna is superb in her role. It makes us wonder why was she away from the big screen for so long. Shalini Vatsa and Aamir Bashir are too good in their parts.

Talking about music, the songs are there in the background and they suit the film’s theme.

On the whole, ‘Gurgaon’ is very well intended film. If the pace of the movie was a bit fast, then this would have surely been one of the best noir thrillers. It’s an intense film for very niche audiences.

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