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Dange Review

Bubble Rating:
1.5 stars

Director: Bejoy Nambiar

Star cast: Harshvardhan Rane, Ehan Bhat, Nikita Dutta, T.J. Bhanu

Runtime: 2 hours 34 mins

Platform: Theatre

Dange Review


The rivalry between two childhood friends takes centre stage when students from different batches of college clash over a cultural festival. In the bargain, they light up the university in a riot that a political party is aching to take advantage of.

Highlights of Dange

Given that the movie is set in Goa, Bejoy Nambiar nicely captures the essence of the city. From its outfits to the language, the hippie vibes will hit you. He maintains the Goa vibes well. Apart from that, he also takes us back to our college days and that makes it relatable for people. Be it the college fest or the fights in the hostel, Dange takes you down memory lane.

Drawbacks of Dange

Storyline: The story is the main problem for Dange as it doesn’t have one. It is not clear what Dange is trying to focus on or what it is trying to convey. In the pretext of college days, the movie talks about depression, drugs, politics and mostly fights but where is the story? Bejoy who previously helmed Wazir, Taish and Shaitan directed Dange which is quite shocking to see a movie like this coming from him. It is a bizarre movie where people are fighting like cats and dogs and the college management and police are least bothered. They are not taking any action. On several occasions, it will make you go ‘What the hell is going on?’

Screenplay: Dange might be great on paper but it is quite the opposite on celluloid. Too many subplots are running and none of them add any value to the movie. It seems like Bejoy wants to focus on various factors but unfortunately, none of them worked or created an impact. Since the movie title suggests ‘Dange’, the only thing you will see is students fighting and it is exhausting to see them continuously because the fights are just vague and pointless. He even tried to show politics merging with college and it looked so immature.

Star performances

Harshvardhan Rane who is a decent actor plays the popular guy in the college but his performance is quite underwhelming. On the other hand, Ehan Bhat plays his rival in the movie and he delivers an unimpressive performance. Nikita Dutta looks just pretty but doesn’t offer anything significant with her performance. T.J. Bhanu underplays her character, leaving zero impact on us. In some scenes, it seems like she is playing too hard.


Overall, Dange is a convoluted movie which has no story. Harshvardhan Rane, Ehan Bhat starrer is an easily avoidable movie. It is better to watch something on OTT which has some context and deeper meaning.

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