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Film: Tarla

Director: Piyush Gupta

Star cast: Huma Qureshi, Sharib Hashmi, Bharti Achrekar

Platform: Zee5

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 3/5 stars

Huma Qureshi starrer Tarla Movie Review:

Tarla is a biopic on real-life chef Tarla Dalal, a famous cook. The movie is headlined by Huma Qureshi and Sharib Hashmi and directed by Piyush Gupta. Tarla is a feel-good and slice-of-life movie. The takeaway from this movie is that there’s no age to achieve your goals. You might not know what to do in life but someday, you will know it as it is not time-bound.

A young woman who has reservations to get married because she wants to do ‘something’ in her life. Even though her life goal is not clear, she feels there’s a goal that needs to be achieved and with marriage, it will never get fulfilled. However, she finds a lovely husband Naleen who not only supports her but helps to achieve her goal. Despite all the household chores, Tarla manages to fulfil her dreams.

After watching the movie, I realised that one doesn’t need to be clear about their goals from the beginning. There are so many people who are absolutely clueless about their lives. They are unclear about their goals and have no idea what they aspire to become. Here comes Tarla where it tells me it’s okay if you realise it later. It’s okay if you’re unclear about your goals because someday you will find your way.


Inspired by the real-life chef Tarla Dalal, Tarla movie is also based on her life. The film captures the journey of a woman from being a no-one to becoming a famous chef Tarla Dalal.

What’s best about Tarla

The simplicity is the best part about Tarla, I feel. The way it is projected and narrated is so simple that it really connects with you. There are certain things that you can relate to and certain things that will hit you. I liked how Piyush didn’t overdo his characters and kept it quite simple and sweet. But you know what really touched my heart was Sharib Hashmi’s character from the movie. It is just so sweet. I mean where can I find a selfless man like him whose only happiness lies in his wife? Usually, people say that behind every successful man, there is a woman. Well, Tarla must be the first one whose husband is behind her successful journey.

What didn’t work for Tarla

Though I liked the Tarla movie for its simplicity, it is still half-cooked I feel. Given the fact that it is a biopic on Chef Tarla Dalal, I was hoping to see more about her professional life than her personal life. I felt Piyush Gupta focused more on the family side. I would have been more keen on her professional life and the challenges she faced during her work life. Given the fact it was set in an era where women don’t go out to work that often, it would have been interesting to see that side.

Star performance

Huma Qureshi plays the role of Tarla Dalal, the titular role with a lot of conviction. She balances the spunkiness and innocence quite nicely and thus, she becomes a likeable character. Huma beautifully moulds herself as a chef. However, she seems a bit weak in the emotional parts.

Sharib Hashmi plays Naleen,Tarla’s husband and he is so adorable. I have always felt that Sharib has the most innocent smile and well, it worked well for his character. Naleen is someone who puts his wife forward and is very innocent. Sharib plays this part well and I actually enjoyed watching him throughout the movie.


Concluding my review on Tarla, Huma Qureshi and Sharib Hashmi starrer is a light-hearted drama which is not overly dramatic. But feels a little stretched in some parts. Huma and Sharib also performed quite beautifully. Tarla is a feel-good movie but it lacks conflict.

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