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Love Storiyaan Review

Bubble Rating:
2.5 stars

Director: Somen Mishra

Runtime: 30-35 minutes/ per episode

Platform: Amazon Prime

Love Storiyaan Review

In the world of hookups, situationship, ghosting, and benching, the definition of love has been changed, altered or perhaps doesn’t even exist. Now, it’s all about building up a bond, exploring each other and once they find compatibility issues, they call it quits. Couples don’t fight for their relationship but take the easy route of quitting. The relationship comes with an expiry date but does love have a shelf life? Does love exist in this complicated world? Well, that’s when Karan Johar’s docu-series Love Storiyaan comes into the picture.

If you don’t believe in love or its foundation, this six-episodic series might help you change your mind. It takes you back in time when love was pure without any bad intentions. Love Storiyaan shows six real-life couples who speak about their journey of love and how they came together despite all odds. Seeing their stories might restore your faith in love and will make you believe that there is someone for you out there who will change your life for good. It is a heartwarming series where the couples are sharing their testimonies. Each episode has different couples with different new stories.


The series is conceptualised by Somen Mishra and features six real-life couples from across the country who bring stories of love, hope, happiness, and triumph against all odds. It is told through the lens of six directors – Akshay Indikar, Archana Phadke, Collin D’Cunha, Hardik Mehta, Shazia Iqbal, and Vivek Soni. A Dharmatic Entertainment Production, with Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta and Somen Mishra serving as executive producers. Love Storiyaan has been inspired by real-life stories featured on the India Love Project.

Highlights of Love Storiyaan

Since it is based on real-life stories, nothing is scripted but only has pure feelings. The best thing about the show is that everything is very organic and unfiltered. They have picked all ordinary couples with extraordinary stories. The makers didn’t differentiate them based on race, caste, rich, poor, religion, etc. Somen Mishra keeps their stories raw and real so that they touch everyone’s heart. They tried to show the stories which are only about love and that it has no boundaries. There’s no unnecessary drama and everything is real.

For instance, in the second episode, when Rajni’s parents were done talking about her marriage, they didn’t crop out the part when they randomly started clicking selfies. It was such a lovely scene to witness. They didn’t edit out the parts that looked natural and this enhanced the beauty of the series.

Drawbacks of Love Storiyaan

The first episode of Love Storiyaan started on an absurd note. It just starts from the word go instead of taking us through their story slowly and steadily. The start of the first episode seemed a little rushed and the execution was done poorly. There was no proper introduction and no proper start to the episode. It is a bit put-off since that’s the first episode of the show and it was to be perfect. Nevertheless, it gets better from the second episode. The one thing that can be a setback is that it is based on real-life stories. It is not something that will be consumed by everyone. There’s a specific audience for such shows and they are not commercially consumed. Some people will find it gratifying while some will have no interest at all. It is for a specific target audience.


Concluding the review of Love Storiyaan, Karan Johar’s production series is a heartwarming show that can be a perfect watch this Valentine’s Day. Since it is all about love and celebrates togetherness, Love Storiyaan is released on the best day. The show can also reinstate your faith in love and make you believe that love does exist. However, this is one of those shows that can be enjoyed by a niche audience.

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