Khushalii Kumar Starfish


Bubble Rating:
1.5 stars

Duration: 121 minutes

Platform: Theatres

Director: Akhilesh Jaiswal

Starcast: Khushalii Kumar, Milind Soman, Ehan Bhat, Tusharr Khanna

Starfish movie review

After watching Starfish, I only had one question to ask myself…why did I do this to me? The film is a beautifully shot one, it has some exotic and stunning locations and a good-looking star cast, but that’s about it. Sadly Khushalii Kumar starrer Starfish is like that dish which looks appealing but lacks flavors. Logic shoots itself in the head not once but many times in this film and as a viewer you are only dumbfounded by everything that is unfolding in the ocean drama. Like I said, Ehan, Tusharr, and Milind are just pretty faces to look at, but there is absolutely no clarity on what the story is all about.

In fact, you cannot even take a wild guess as to what the director is trying to say. The entire story of the film is so confusing, that there are unnecessary steamy scenes. So many scenes have been added in the middle which just don’t make sense. The performances are okayish, actors fail to connect. The dialogues too are very poorly written, and the songs only add to your troubles while putting the dots together.

Starfish starring Khushalii Kumar, is so twisted that till the end you are left with a puzzled look on your face. It is also very abrupt at many places, the character archs are too underwhelming. However, the visuals are stunning, and Khushalii has donned some great outfits.

What’s great about Starfish

Well, there are not many great things in the movie. Yes, Tusharr Khanna has done a good job in terms of performance, he outshines in the story that is all over the place. Khushalii also maintains a great screen presence, and carries herself quite gracefully. And the film’s visual appeal is great because it is shot in Malta.

Tusharr Khanna and Khushalii Kumar salvage Starfish

The only few good things about the film are debutant Tusharr Khanna and Khushalii’s charisma, their performances are earnest. Tusharr’s control over the character and dialogue delivery gives you some relief in this otherwise complex film. Khushalii on the other hand grips you with her intense stance.

Drawbacks of Starfish

The story

As I said it is all over the place, it just doesn’t make sense and has no clarity in vision. Even the emotional scenes are so mild in the movie that you will be dumbstruck.

Milind, and Ehan’s performances

The actors are not the worst part of the film, but they are not great either. Ehan is portrayed as an eye candy existing in the story with not much to offer. Milind’s screentime is not more than the fingers in our hands and feet combined. Khushalii’s scintillating avatar gets a little too much to take.

The concept

The worst flaw in Starfish is that it lacks logic to a great extent. It feels like the makers assumed the audience to be stupid in consuming whatever they offer. There are so many places where you will just be mind-blown in a negative way. So many errors exist in putting the story together, that you will eagerly wait for it to end.


All in all, between Starfish and Farrey I would pick the latter to watch on the big screen, and park the former for maybe an OTT watch.

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