‘PM Narendra Modi’ Movie Review: A painfully dull biopic that feels more like a long advertisement

Directed By: Omung Kumar

Produced By: Suresh Oberoi, Sandip Ssingh and Anand Pandit

Cast: Vivek Oberoi

Bollywood Bubble Rating: 1/5

With a razor thin screenplay and unbearable overacting, ‘PM Narendra Modi’ fails to win our hearts or stimulate our minds. The only plus point – it’s better than ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’. The movie charts Modi’s journey from being a chaiwala to being the prime minister and it does so in a jittery manner. Like a Hindi film hero, Modi has one mission and one mission only – to work hard and serve people. He does not have the lust for power and he reaches the very top without using any underhand tactics. While some people can buy that story, I am surely not one of them.

Politics in our country is far from utopian and unlike Anil Kapoor‘s ‘Nayak’, Vivek Oberoi just doesn’t manage to inspire us with his saviour avatar. The shoddy cinematography (this film looks like it was made in the early 2000s) and the garish background music doesn’t help the movie’s cause either.

Early on in the movie, Modi leaves his family and goes away to become a sanyasi. After spending some time there, he realizes that his inner calling is not to be a yogi, but a karma yogi. Like this, there are several times where some dialogues fall so flat on the ground, they give rise to sarcastic chuckles from the audience.

Instead of Modi, if they had used the same script for a fictional prime minister, would the film have worked better? Perhaps. But even then, the harebrained dialogues and lazy acting would have wasted our time.

Sadly, this may not prove to be Vivek’s comeback vehicle and despite the election results, this movie may not be able to set the box office registers ringing.

Final verdict: 

You can watch it if you are a true blue Modi fan, but if you are looking for Entertainment, you’ll be disappointed.

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