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Film: HIT: The First Case:

Director: Dr Sailesh Kolanu

Star cast: Rajkummar Rao, Sanya Malhotra, Dalip Tahhil, Milind Gunaji, Shilpa Shukla, Sanjay Narvekar

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 3/5 stars



HIT movie review: 

I personally enjoy thriller crime stories. It keeps you hooked and will make you want to know more about what will happen next. Good thriller stories grab your attention even though you’re busy solving the puzzles in your head. That sort of thing happened with RajKummar Rao and Sanya Malhotra starrer Hit: The First Case. Not for the sake of review, but I enjoyed the movie. It literally made me fold my legs up and made me bite my nails, trust me, this thing generally doesn’t happen with me. HIT which talks about a murder mystery was quite intense and intriguing. Yes, nothing is perfect in this world and hence, the film had flaws.

The film is actually the remake of a Telugu film (2020) with the same name starring Vishwak Sen and Ruhani Sharma. The film also marks some cliches like a lovey-dovey couple, the partner goes missing, the police officer does everything in his power to save her and then there’s a villain who has an ugly motive. The movie touches all the keynotes; however, the motive of the villain sort of irked me. The first half of HIT was quite enthralling but it was the second half that fell a little short as I could spot quite a few loopholes.

Some of the scenes were quite absurd and we’re unnecessarily added. Considering the second is already in the pipeline, HIT: The First Case leaves on a cliffhanger note. Hopefully, a lot of questions will be answered in the second part.


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An officer of the Homicide Intervention Team – HIT named Vikram goes on a mission to solve a missing case that is linked to her girlfriend Neha. Despite suffering from post-traumatic stress, he vents himself out into a non-comfort zone. Unfazed about his health and ignoring his doctor and girlfriend’s concerns, he continues to work which doesn’t make him question his own abilities. As he tries to solve the case and does everything in his power to rescue a woman and his girlfriend who went missing, Vikram gets severe panic attacks and blackouts. It showcases his journey from trying to cope with post-traumatic stress and doing his duty with utmost dedication. But will he solve the case? Will he be able to find his missing girlfriend?

Star Performances: 

Rajkummar Rao plays the role of homicide officer Vikram who is one of the best officers in the department. He deals with a dark past but tries hard not to get his past trauma to the present. RajKummar as the serious officer is simply fantastic. He is an earnest actor for sure. I could see no better actor than RajKummar to essay this character. He seemed to have literally sunken his teeth into the character and came out with glory. Just like his character, Rao captures the smallest of details of his character and flourishes them with finesse in the movie.

Sanya Malhotra essays the role of a forensic officer and the girlfriend of Vikram. She is seen in a cameo and makes her appearance in bits and pieces throughout the movie. I wish she had a significant role in the film. However, how much ever screentime she received, Sanya did a fair job.

The supporting cast like Dalip Tahhil, Milind Gunaji, Shilpa Shukla and Sanjay Narvekar have contributed their best to their roles and have given full justice. However, the character played by Shilpa seemed quite off and even unnecessary.

Direction/ Screenplay:

The film is written and directed by Dr Sailesh Kolanu who has also made the Telugu version of the film. I liked how he took his own sweet time to explain the characters without hurrying up. Sailesh very convincingly brings everyone into the world of Vikram which is completely traumatised and dark. I won’t say that the climax was epic nor will say it fell flat but it is quite laudable. Since it is not that predictable, it will keep you guessing and I guess, that’s the right note when watching a crime suspense drama.


Overall, HIT: The First Case narrates a gritty story of a homicide mystery which will surely keep you hooked till the end. Even though some of the glitches of the film are inevitable, Hit does make it a must-watch film. Nevertheless, if you’re a sucker for suspense, and crime drama, this movie could be on your watchlist. I will go with 3 stars and just so you know, it is RajKummar who stole the show in this intense thriller suspense.

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