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Kartam Bhugtam

Bubble Rating:
3.5 stars

Director: Soham Shah

Writer: Soham Shah

Star cast: Vijay Raaz, Shreyas Talpade, Madhoo, Aksha Pardasany, Gaurav Daagar,

Runtime: 2 hours 11 mins

Platform: Theatre

Kartam Bhugtam Review


An NRI named Dev comes back to India from Auckland to resolve his property issues. However, it doesn’t get resolved and later, he knocks on the door of a man who claims to be an astrologer. With the help of his science and godly powers, Anna tries to help Dev with his property issues and guides him by asking him to perform all sorts of rituals. However, during the process, he goes into schizophrenia and things go haywire. But will he revive his property? Will Anna’s tantrik powers help him solve his property issues?

What’s good about the movie

Performances: The strong performance of each actor is phenomenal. They only enhance the watching experience to another level. Shreyas Talpade is the protagonist of the movie, playing the role of Dev. Shreyas is a great actor and he brings a lot of zeal and zest in his character. He adds a lot of value and weight to his character, making it look like a piece of cake. Whereas Vijay Raaz is just fantastic. His mere presence onscreen is just enough to grab your attention. Vijay’s finesse acting in Kartam Bhugtam deserves a round of applause for sure. Madhoo makes a comeback with this movie and she is amazing in her part. From her comic timing to her expressions, Madhoo can make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Storyline: The movie may remind you of Shaitaan, starring Ajay Devgn and R. Madhavan, as it follows a similar concept but presents a different and captivating story. Soham incorporates the theme of black magic in Kartam Bhugtam, creating a gripping narrative that sends shivers down your spine. He meticulously crafts the story while delivering a powerful message about karma. Some incidences lead to a wild chase and many weird and spooky destined things. The movie is sharp and cuts so that it keeps you guessing while also raising your interest. Despite some loopholes, Soham’s direction makes it an engaging watch. While the first half of the movie may feel a bit slow, the second half intensifies with constant twists and turns in every frame, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Background score: Shabbir Ahmed’s musical composition for this movie significantly enhances the viewing experience. His score is thrilling and dynamic, expertly intensifying each scene and every action sequence. The pulsating rhythms and powerful melodies perfectly complement the visuals, ensuring that audiences are fully immersed from start to finish. This seamless integration of music and action creates an electrifying atmosphere, making the movie-watching experience truly unforgettable.

What’s not

Predictability: From the movie’s beginning, Soham drops hints about the story and at times, the narrative becomes a little predictable. It diminishes the element of surprise, as the plot twists and turns become anticipated rather than unexpected.

Star performances

Aksha Pardasany essays the role of Jia, Dev’s girlfriend in the movie. She puts up a fair play and adds enhance to the story. Whereas Gaurav Daagar as Dev’s friend Gaurav seems rigid and stiff. Every dialogue seemed rehearsed and didn’t look natural. However, he was decent in Kartam Bhugtam.


Concluding the review, Kartam Bhugtam is a psychological thriller that impresses you with unexpected twists and turns. With the mixture of black magic and the concept of karma, Soham Shah delivers a chilling story that keeps you hooked till the end. Moreover, the great performances by Vijay Raaz and Shreyas Talpade give a different arc to this thriller, making it an interesting watch.

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