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When you talk about the best actresses in the Indian film industry, the name of Kajol comes right amongst the top. The actress has proven her versatility time and again with each project she has undertaken. Soon, she will be seen in the Netflix anthology Lust Stories 2, exploring yet another side of her.

Kajol’s hilarious take on lacking ‘sexy’ and ‘sharam’

Recently, during an interview for the film, the actress revealed the 2 things she never had. She told Radio Nasha, “There are two things I don’t have — sexy and sharam (laughs). When someone tells me, ”Sharmana hai” (you have to blush), I ask them, ‘Ye kya hota hai’ (what’s that). When they show me and I say, “Achha, aankh neechi karni hai (Okay, I need to lower my eyes). Done!’ I don’t have the emotion but if you give me certain features to move in a certain way, utna samajh mein aata hai (I get that much).”

Kajol recalls Saroj Khan wanting to slap her and Saif Ali Khan

Talking about it reminded the Salaam Venky actress of a hilarious incident with Saif Ali Khan during Yeh Dillagi. She recalled that they both were laughing so much during the shoot of the song Hothon Pe Bas Tera Naam Hai that choreographer Saroj Khan got super angry on them.

She revealed, “You have to see how much Saroj ji wanted to slap us. Saif aur main hase hi ja rahe the (We kept on laughing). Saroj ji was like, ‘Tum log bahut badtameez bache ho’ (you guys are very rude). I’ve done it (emoting lust) to the best of my ability, but then I have to depend on other people — sambhal lena edit mein, close-up le lo (take care of this in the edit, take a close-up instead).”

Eventually, the song turned out to be a blockbuster. Saif and Kajol’s chemistry was widely lauded, but this incident makes the song all the more exciting.

The actress on the concept of lust

Since her next is Lust Stories 2, the actress gave her take on the concept of lust. She said, “I think lust defines a very intense need of something. It could be food. Lust is, I feel, one of the most individual things. Everyone’s idea of lust and how they respond to it is completely different. It’s a subjective emotion, more than objective.”

Kajol upcoming movies

Apart from Lust Stories 2, the actress also has her OTT debut series releasing in July, The Trial. She plays a lawyer in the show, defending her cheating husband. Reportedly, she will also star alongside Prithviraj Sukumaran and Ibrahim Ali Khan in the latter’s debut.

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