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Birthday girl Yami Gautam has paved a way of her own in the industry that inspires a lot of people out there. She started her journey from TV, then did small yet poignant roles in films as well. But today, she is one of the most sought-after leading actresses in the industry. Through it all, Yami has always stood her ground and called out wrongdoings as well. One such incident happened last year, when she called out a biased review of her performance in Dasvi.

One of the review of the film had a quite awkward feedback written for the actress. It read, “Yami Gautam is no longer the dead girlfriend in Hindi films, but the combative smile is starting to get repetitive.” Reacting to that, Yami had shared on social media, “Before I say anything else, I’d like to say that I usually take constructive criticism in my stride. But when a certain platform keeps trying to pull you down consistently, I felt it necessary to speak up about it.

Yami Gautam on taking a stand against media bias

In an earlier interview with us, Yami had shed light on why she called out that review. She had said, “When I read what I read I felt it was disrespectful. Giving a review means you are reviewing it. Either you like it or don’t like it, it’s absolutely your choice. And this is something which has been happening since forever but you can’t make it personal. You cannot write something which just dismisses somebody’s journey. For you, it might be just 3-4 lines but for me, you are making a comment on my journey and dismissing all the work that I have done.”

She added, “I am the last person in PR or who goes gung-ho about their own work. But whatever I wrote I didn’t tell anyone about it. It was not something which was decided like I want to do this, I want to write. I was alone. I was sitting alone and I really wanted to put it out and I’ve done a film like Vicky Donor, I had done Uri, Bala, A Thursday, Kaabil. You can’t just dismiss someone just because I am not… I don’t want to make it about nepotism or anything but you wouldn’t write such things for any actor who are from the industry or have grown up here or are socially very well connected. You wouldn’t write to that extent. You may write not good, not bad but what I felt, you won’t make anyone feel like that.”

On a review confusing Yami for Vaani Kapoor…

The actress pointed out another review that she didn’t like in terms of what they were saying. She shared, “Somebody else also wrote which I didn’t call out but felt so weird. They started my review by saying I get confused between Yami and Vaani Kapoor. And I’m like why would you start by writing this, what does it even make sense? Would you write this for any so-called influential actor? Is it because it’s so easy to write about us because it’s not going to get retaliated or you’re not going to get phone calls? So, that’s not right.”

Today, Yami has built a standing of her own and a career that boasts some impressive performances. Her brutal honesty and strong spine is what sets her apart. Here’s wishing the amazing actress a happy birthday.

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