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In October last year, Samantha Ruth Prabhu shared the heartbreaking news of her suffering from an auto-immune disease called Myositis. Samantha has been receiving treatment for the same. Now, in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Samantha, who is busy promoting her upcoming film Shaakuntalam, got emotional discussing her battle with Myositis.

Samantha on battle with Myositis

Samantha told us, “I did not get diagnosed during Shaakuntalam. It wasn’t during Shaakuntalam or Yashoda as well and it was after that. So, this when I was having personal struggles for another kind during Shaakuntalam. So, physically I was fine.”

Earlier this year, a Twitter user had shared Samantha’s pictures from Shaakuntalam’s trailer launch with an distasteful tweet that read, “Feeling sad for Samantha… She lost all her charm and glow.” In response, Samantha had said, “I pray you never have to go through months of treatment and medication like I did… And here’s some love from me to add to your glow.”

Samantha on physical issues post Myositis disease

During the conversation, Samantha was asked about the same and she said, “I’ve been through lot of struggle but this was the final breaking of shackles because as an actor you are always expected to display perfection in your Instagram, perfection in your interviews, in your films and I could never get over like just letting go and accepting myself for who I am. I’ve wanted to be better and better and better and look better and finally I am at a place where I have no control over this condition, the medication that I have to take, the side effects of all of the medication.”

The actress added, “One day I was puffy, one day I am sick, one day I have no control over my look. So, this was a final shackel to be broken as an actor. You know, your eyes, the medium to express emotions and everyday I wake up with pins and needles in my eyes. Everyday I go through this pain. I am sensitive to light and I can’t which is why you know I don’t wear glasses just for fun and for style. The light actually affects my eyes. I have intense migraine, I have intense pain in my eyes and they swell from the pain and this is every single day for the last eight months. This is probably the worst thing that can happen to the actor because eyes are the medium through which you express.”

Samantha went on to add, “I’ve reached probably the lowest of lows and I’ve come creeping back up. So, I think that one comment about how I looked it was like ‘please…’ Maybe when I looked at my best, I didn’t feel strong and beautiful as I feel now because of life experience.” The actress mentioned that no matter what people say about her appearance, ‘I am happy with who I am on the inside.’

Samantha’s post about Myositis:

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