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Aamir Ali is recently seen in ‘Naxalbari’. In an exclusive interview with us, Aamir said that he was offered the web series during the Coronavirus lockdown. He said yes to the show when he heard that it would be shot in Goa and he was very excited to go outdoor as he couldn’t go out for two-three months due to the pandemic. But then he heard the story and liked it and finally got on board. He said, “‘Naxalbari’ will be remembered because it is my first OTT series and also for the reason the way and the timing it was shot.” On the first day of his shoot, it was very unreal for him as it was a different feeling altogether shooting amid the lockdown. He also said that once he sanitized his Goa room so much that he had to be out of the room for 5 minutes.

Aamir has also said that one has to go out and start working. He said, “There were a lot of people like us who don’t have to go out on work and can afford to stay at home and still survive. So, at the initial stage of the pandemic, I used to judge why people are going out as I was not realising that they have to go to work. When my driver told me that some of his friends who are from UP don’t have food to eat, we were providing them with basic food like daal and rice and they were so happy. That’s why I realised what’s going on in their lives.”


You can watch the interview here.

He added, “Now, people have to go and work but they have to be extremely careful. Whenever I go out, I take steam two-three times and gargle once or twice a day. I have gone to Goa, Kolkata, and other places and till now I am fine. So, this is my trick and hope it works unless vaccines come.”

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