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Aamir and Sanjeeda met on the sets of the television show ‘Kya Dil Mein Hai’. They dated for several years and married in 2012. The couple welcomed a daughter through surrogacy in 2018, separated in 2020. They later got officially divorced in the year 2021. After the divorce with Aamir Ali, Sanjeeda Shaikh won custody of their daughter. According to News18, Aamir shared in 2022 that he had not been allowed to meet their daughter for nearly ten months.

Aamir Ali reacts to Sanjeeda Shaikh throwing shade on him

Now, the F.I.R actor has responded to his ex-wife Sanjeeda Shaikh’s comment about “partners who try to demotivate you.” In an interview with News18, Aamir clarified that they have been apart for several years, implying that Sanjeeda might be referring to experiences she had during that time.

Aamir stated, “Not everything that she and I say about one another is about us. We have not been together for nearly five years now. She must have gone through something like that in that period, I guess. Ours is an old story now which is over. I know what I went through in that separation period and what happened to me. But washing dirty linen in public is not my class. I’ve never put anyone doI never will, especially who I have shared a relationship with.”

Recently, Sanjeeda spoke with Hauterrfly about partners, saying, “There are men, and there are partners who try to demotivate you, who tell you that you can’t do anything. Or they will say you will not be able to do this. It’s better to be away from such people. There are phases in every relationship where you are happy, and then there are some when you are not, and then you take a call for your life and that’s what I did for myself, because I started loving myself and I started prioritising myself and that is very, very important.”

She added, “I feel I am very lucky (to have emerged from) whatever happened with me. Maybe I felt then that I was the most depressed person, or I was very sad, or, ‘What is happening with me, what is happening with my life?’ But to overcome all of that, to think like that and to be happy with this version of myself, I am blessed.”

Despite their past and separation, Aamir emphasised his principle of not airing personal grievances publicly, especially concerning someone he once shared a relationship with.

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