Aamir Ali
Image Source - Instagram

Despite the lockdown restrictions on shoots, the year has been quite eventful and productive for actor Aamir Ali, who’s been shooting back to back, first in Goa and now in Calcutta. With restrictions on travel and shoot, Aamir Ali shares with us the precautions he’s been taking and how much things have changed ever since the lockdown.


He said, “First I was in Goa and now I am in Calcutta doing outdoor shoots and things have definitely changed a lot. I don’t go out at all, I stay in my room and only go to the set. We are working with fewer people and fewer staff because their wellbeing is our responsibility as well. We are being mindful of keeping our surroundings clean, everything is being sanitized and we are maintaining proper distance and not interacting with people too closely.”


“The pandemic and lockdown have definitely taught us a lot of things. In terms of shoot, I would say it has made us realize that you don’t necessarily need a huge crew to get things done, they can be managed and you can still get the same output even with a smaller crew. It has also made us conscious to keep our surroundings clean, which should have been the practice even before the pandemic hit. But better late than never! It’s a lesson for us all,” added Aamir.

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