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Avneet Kaur recently made her debut at the Cannes Film Festival in a striking navy blue outfit, but her appearance sparked a wave of negative reactions. In response to the criticism, Avneet spoke to News18, expressing her confusion over the unwarranted negativity. “It was the biggest news and everyone should be proud of that and take pride in that,” she said.

Avneet Kaur reacts to trolls

“If Taha Shah or anyone has gone there, it’s a great thing. People should be happy for that. He’s gone for his film, I think, and I went for my film as well. I went to release my poster. People do ask me, ‘Yeh kyun chali gayi waha? Iska kya jana bana?’ Ulta dekh ke khush hona chahiye (Why did she go there? What was the need? In contrast, they should feel happy). I don’t understand why there is so much negativity without any reason. Why do you need to spread that in the comments section?”

Avneet emphasized the importance of supporting those who represent the nation on such a prestigious platform. “You could at least say something good about that person, make their day but they want to do all this! I don’t understand why they do this. I just feel this year has been a very special one for India to go to such a big global platform and represent the nation. So why not be happy for us? Nancy (Tyagi) has done so well. She was all over the Internet. We should all support each other.”

Avneet Kaur at Cannes Film Festival 2024

At Cannes, Avneet donned a navy blue outfit with a long train and paired it with blue heels. She made a traditional Indian gesture of respect by touching the ground of the red carpet and then her forehead. She also smiled and waved as she posed for the cameras. Sharing a video of the moment on Instagram, Avneet wrote, “And we created history last night at the Cannes Red Carpet!”

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