‘Bigg Boss 13’: Did Sambhavna Seth take money to promote Sidharth Shukla? Here’s what the actress has to say

‘Bigg Boss 13′ is one of the most controversial television shows in recent times. The key reason was the audience’s suspicion towards the makers being biased. An alleged employee of Colors TV earlier had said that the show is rigged. However, the channel rubbished her claims. Now the latest buzz suggests that apparently Sambhavna Seth was paid for promoting Sidharth Shukla.

The twitter handle identified as Feriha, took to her Twitter handle to expose the conversation between the makers and Sambhavna where they are negotiating the price of the actress’ social media posts. Feriha wrote, “This is how Sambhavna & other artists took cash from PR Company to post pro-Siddharth Shukla tweets for image branding. Sid has no “popular support”. PR did its work to deceive public. @ColorsTV #exposed.”

In the video, Sambhavna is seen mentioning about her popularity on the social networking site and how it would be profitable for them to get her on board.

Now, that the video is out, the audience has begun to put two and two together and they are suspecting that whether this meeting was held in regards to the image building of Sidharth as the makers have always shown him in good light and no matter how he behaved inside the house he was always kept safe, alleged the viewers.

However, Sambhavna hit back at these allegations and replying to the Feriha’s post, she wrote, “So @ferysayswhoever u r.This is a tight slap on ur face. Without knowing facts u tweeted abt me that i took money to promote @sidharth_shukla.This is one-year-old video u idiot.U just wanted to malign #SidharthShukla image and people who supported him. #Shame (sic)”

Meanwhile, there are several celebs who feel that Sidharth didn’t deserve to win the show. Asim Riaz’s fans too are unhappy with the show’s result. However, both Asim and Sidharth are unfazed by these reports and are happy with the show’s outcome.

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