Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty gets into a verbal brawl with Umar Riaz during the captaincy task; argues with Jay Bhanushali

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Bigg Boss 15 contestants Shamita Shetty and Umar Riaz got into a verbal brawl on the show in the episode that aired today. The contestants got all ready for the captaincy task. Umar Riaz, who put on a brave face during the captaincy task participated well. The next team including Umar Riaz, Jay Bhanushali, Akasa Singh, Afsana Khan, and others geared up for the captaincy task. Umar started applying soap on Rajiv Adatia’s face and head. Shamita Shetty went on and pointed out to Umar Riaz that he cannot use liquid during the task. Shamita Shetty warned Umar Riaz about the same.

Umar continued to rub the soap on Rajiv’s face and head. Later, Shamita objected Umar’s actions towards Rajiv and went on to take action against it. She argued with Umar and they got into a verbal brawl during the task. While Shamita continued to call Umar ‘aggressive’, he went on to argue with her. Umar told Shamita that she cannot make her own rules. He reminded her that she is not Bigg Boss. Shamita then goes on and asks Umar Riaz to sit out for some time from the task.

During the task, Shamita Shetty once again notices Umar using liquid soap on Rajiv. As the opponent team tries their best to ensure Rajiv gets down from his seat, Adatia fights back. In the meantime, Shamita gets into an argument with Jay Bhanushali too. Jay told Shamita that she cannot make Umar sit out during the entire task. To which, Shetty told Jay that she is the ‘sanchalak’ and that she can do as she pleases. Jay Bhanushali argued with Shamita that she cannot make her own rules and that she is not Bigg Boss.

Meanwhile, Umar Riaz’s fans couldn’t help but shower praise on him for speaking up against Shamita Shetty and giving it back to her during the task.

Check out what the fans have to say below:

Talking about the show, Bigg Boss declared that there were no winners from any team. Bigg Boss announced an end to the captaincy task.

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