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Umar Riaz reacts to Parag Tyagi’s warning to his brother Asim: I feel he is such a hypocrite

Image Source - Instagram

Asim Riaz and Shefali Jariwala had a very strong bond when the latter had initially entered the ‘Bigg Boss 13′ house. The two were going strong till the time Himanshi Khurana left the house. Now, Asim and Shefali can’t stand each other and Asim was warned by Parag Tyagi, Shefali’s husband to stay away from her or he will tear him apart. This statement did not go down well with Asim’s brother Umar.

Talking about Parag’s threat, Umar told SpotboyE, “There is always a way to say. If he would have said that Shefali is my wife and you better be careful with your words or you better behave yourself, it would have been different but he outright threatened Asim and said, ‘I will tear you apart.’ So, I feel he is such a hypocrite. His own friend Paras has been accusing and character assassinating his wife and all this while he kept saying on social media that he will tell Paras how bad and stupid he is but when he entered the house, for the family week task, he gave such a warm hug to Paras which clearly shows his hypocrisy.

Umar further added, “I also speak against Sidharth’s bad behaviour on social media and would have also abused him face to face when I went inside but I didn’t do so as there is always a way to convey the message. And Parag, who is an actor and knows how things go on TV, still abused Asim.

Yesterday Parag took to his Instagram to give an open Warning to Asim for calling him ‘nalla’. The caption read, “Open message to Mr Asim Riyaz If u r lucky enough will see u in Bigg boss house else waiting outside to meet you desperately Mr Asim Riyaz Chaudhary.”

Meanwhile, there are speculations that Shefali Jariwala will be bidding adieu to her journey in ‘Bigg Boss 13’.

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