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Actor Charu Asopa and her husband Rajeev Sen who announced reconciliation about their marriage in September this year are once again heading for divorce. In the latest interview, Charu mentioned that she regrets her decision of giving the marriage a second chance and will restart the divorce proceedings soon. She even stated that she can’t bear the toxicity for her daughter Ziana.

Charu told Etimes, “It was the biggest mistake. Aur dirty hota jaayega agar yeh shaadi aur drag hui toh. It will get unbearably toxic for Ziana. When I disclosed his ways to my family, they told me that I was taking the right step by parting ways. I have already got a house for rent. I will go straight there when I return to Mumbai. I will initiate divorce proceedings and hope he agrees to it without causing more trouble. Like previously, I haven’t asked for alimony. I don’t want to drag this marriage anymore. I have already wasted three-and-a-half years. 


The Devon Ke Dev Mahadev actor also alleged that her husband Rajeev had hit her and felt he was cheating on her as she said, “Rajeev is temperamental, has abused and even raised his hand on me once or twice. He would suspect me of cheating on him. When I was shooting for Akbar Ka Bal Birbal, he sent messages to my co-actors to stay away from me. It became difficult for me to work. I feel that he was cheating on me, but that’s something I can’t prove.” Moreover, she also stated that he would vanish for weeks or months following every altercation and block her from all modes of communication.


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Reacting to the allegations, Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen said, “This allegation is utter rubbish as she each time knew where I was, including the last time when I was in Delhi for a dental appointment. In fact, on many occasions, she has left Mumbai without even telling me. I would come to know her whereabouts only through her online videos. 

Moreover, Rajeev also said the two should focus on their child’s recovery from dengue ‘rather than talking to the media about marital problems’, adding that he never wanted to divorce Charu. He told the portal, “I never wanted a divorce. She did. I married her to give her happiness and to be her partner for life. But at the same time, I, too, deserve a bit of happiness and love.”

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