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Actor Divya Agarwal made headlines when she deleted her wedding pictures with her husband Apurva Padgaonkar, sparking divorce rumours. Seeing fans’ speculations, she quickly released a statement while emphasising that her decision was not indicative of marital trouble. She expressed frustration over how people selectively reacted to her wedding photos while ignoring her other updates. Now, reasoning why she chose to delete those wedding photos, Divya said that it was a professional call.

Divya Agarwal reveals why she deleted the wedding pics

Speaking to HT, the Bigg Boss OTT winner said, “I am usually a person who likes to clean a lot and I have OCD issues. I was looking at my profile from a third person’s POV and it never came across as I am an actor. It was all so mixed up with my brand shoots, friends, family, wedding and everything else. It was like 2500 posts and I deleted all of them myself one by one and it took me five hours to do that. I even removed my middle name, which was my dad and mum’s combination, I just kept it as Divya Agarwal as that’s how I wanted people to see me.

By the end of it, I felt so good, it looked so clean and I could only see my work. For people like us in the entertainment industry, it is good to keep your work on display to show the kind of work we do. It was a professional call, I was just filtering my social media to highlight my work. I have even shut down my PR for now because I want to go low and just work on my craft. I want to come back with a bang so that people would know me as ‘Actor Divya Agarwal‘,” said the 31-year-old.

Divya Agarwal got married to Apurva Padgaonkar on February 20, 2024,

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