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Popular television actor Adnan Khan shot to fame as the lead character Mawlawi Kabir Ali Ahmed in Ishq Subhan Allah.  The actor is back with a new show, Katha Ankahee. It is the Hindi remake of the hit Turkish series 1001 Nights or popularly known as Arabian Nights. The show also features popular actress Aditi Sharma as the female lead.


In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble host Akash Bhatnagar, Adnan has opened up on the success of his show Ishq Subhan Allah. He further spoke about dealing with the success of the show and moving to India from Dubai for work.

Adnan said, “So actually when people talk about how it becomes hard to deal with the fame there was nothing to deal with. It wasn’t what I was after It was a byproduct of what I was doing. There were some lovely moments without a doubt where for instance, My mom would get recognised and she’d be really proud. She’s like oh they recognize you today they called me Kabir’s Mom.  I am like playing cool but inside I was like Yesss. Apart from this there was nothing apart from me getting a few extra followers on Instagram. Some people recognise me in restaurants. But what about it getting to my head, it didn’t honestly.”


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He added, “There was an incident when I went to my hometown Dubai.  We were shooting then and I did not expect to be recognised because that’s not the target audience for the show in Dubai. But I got recognised there and that was something else. Like a girl walked up to me and she’s like, ‘oh you’re that guy, then I was at a pharmacy and somebody recognized me. So for me, that was something good. This mom’s thing was very important for me because my mom’s really orthodox she doesn’t care absolutely doesn’t care who I am,  TV star no star I’m still the exact same person.  But one day she came home and sat down, we were having breakfast,  I was just eating and she’s like so today they called me Kabir’s mother and smiled. So that for me was a cool moment that was nice for me.”

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