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Shehnaaz Gill made her first Instagram post on Thursday. She announced that her song, a heartfelt tribute for late actor Sidharth Shukla will release on October 29. The song titled Tu Yaheen Hai was released on YouTube today. Since Sidharth Shukla’s demise, Shehnaaz has been in mourning. However, the actress resumed work recently. She was present during the promotions of her film Honsla Rakh. We sat down with Shehnaaz Gill during her appearance. In an exclusive interview with us, the former Bigg Boss contestant opened up about emotional attachment, her dream to work in Bollywood, and much more.

Sana’s heartfelt message for SidNaaz fans: Shehnaaz Gill told Bollywood Bubble, that she wants SidNaazians to keep her in prayers always and be with her always. She expressed she wants their support. In her message, she said, “My fans, my army. Thank You Shehnaazians, SidNaazians, humesha mereko apne saath rakhiega. Bas. (My fans. My army. Thank You Shehnaazians, SidNaazians, keep me with you always. That’s enough).


Shehnaaz Gill on emotional attachment after Sidharth Shukla’s untimely demise: The actress said that we develop an attachment with the person we love. Shehnaaz explained herself further talking about the love a mother has for her child. About emotional attachment, Shehnaaz Gill said, “Jab hum kisiko bhi pyaar karte hai, toh uske saath jo attachment hoti hai, toh woh attachment ke accordingly, maine woh ratio nikali. (When we love someone, the emotional attachment we share with the person, with that attachment, I accordingly calculated the ratio.)”

Shehnaaz Gill on her struggle: The former Bigg Boss contestant spoke about how people called her a second lead heroine. Shehnaaz said, “According to me, there’s nothing such as first or second lead, every artist should be treated equally and I had to prove that with my work as I have plenty of bad experiences.” Gill mentioned that Bigg Boss gave her an opportunity to grow. She spoke about the immense love she received from her fans.

Shehnaaz Gill talks about her Bollywood debut: The actress said she wants an opportunity to be a part of a Bollywood film.

Shehnaaz shares whom she would like to see in the Hindi remake of Honsla Rakh: The former Bigg Boss contestant said that she would like to Shah Rukh Khan playing Diljit Dosanjh, and Rani Mukerji and Kajol stepping into Sonam Bajwa and her shoes in the Hindi remake.

Take a look at the full conversation below:

Meanwhile, Shehnaaz Gill’s heartfelt tribute for Sidharth Shukla left many teary-eyed. Gill made a post and announced the release of the song Tu Yaheen Hai. The actress received support from many industry friends on social media, after the release of the song.

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