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Hansika Motwani is one of the most celebrated actresses of TV industry. Hansika started her career since she was a child and since then she has only achieved great things. In the light of Mother’s day we interviewed Hansika Motwani and her mother Mona Motwani. Both of them opened up about several things, from Hansika’s choice of starting her career early to how her mother accepted her husband. The conversation with the duo is absolutely interesting.

Actress elaborates on the story…

As the interview proceeded further, the host asked Hansika how did her mother react to her boy-friend. Did Mona immediately agree for the marriage or did she take some time to think over it?Answering that question, Hansika Motwani revealed that her mother interviewed Sohael, her husband before accepting him. Hansika also said that it was extremely important for her mother to accept her choice. The Koi Mil Gaya actress said, “I didn’t say yes to him without she saying yes to him. She is centre of my world”

Adding more details to Mona Motwani interviewing Sohael, the actress said that both of them had decided to meet at a coffee shop. Hansika’s mother said, “I knew this child since many years, so I called him up and asked him beta we will go for coffee.” While they had gone for coffee Mona also asked the groom about his occupation. Well, the mother and daughter absolutely laugh while narrating this. Later, while elaborating upon her wedding day, Hansika said both, the mother and daughter cried at the time of her wedding.

Apart from this incident, Hansika also opened up about how her mother supported her in her career. The Shaka Laka Boom Boom actress said that she was judged by the people for starting with her career so early. At this point her mother stood up for her and provided Hansika Motwani the needed courage to go on.

As the interview got candid the host also asked the actress whether her mom asks her about grandchildren. Hansika Motwani said that Mona has never asked her about grandchildren. In fact, rather than her mother, media is more likely to ask her.


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