EXCLUSIVE: Jannat Zubair on being TROLLED online: Don’t mind criticism, I mind people hating me for no reason

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Jannat Zubair Rahmani needs no special introduction. From mesmerizing everyone in Phulwa to becoming a social media sensation, Jannat has won millions of hearts. However, with love comes a little dislike too. Jannat Zubair was also not spared from online criticism, hatred and trolling. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Jannat Zubair opened up about how trolling affects her and her family. She opened up on dealing with trolls and receiving hate online.

Sharing how trolling affects her, Jannat said, “Of course, I take it personally, because it is directly attacking me. Not only attacking me, but they’re also attacking my parents, my family, my career, my professionalism, my work, my friends, everyone. It does affect me. Being very honest, I will never say that I ignore them. I try to ignore it, but no, it does not happen.”

She added, “It stays with you. You can’t be like, ‘Acha usne itna abusive comment kiya, just let it go.’ You keep thinking why, why so much hate! I don’t mind people criticising me, I mind people hating on me for no reason.”

“Hating on me is another thing, you don’t like me, you dislike me. But, hating on my family, hating on my brother, Ayaan received a lot of hate during the lockdown. Anything you said or did that time, you were declared wrong. My brother was 12 years old back then, how do you expect a 12-year-old to behave? Sending abusive comments or hate for a kid is just not right. That made me very very upset and sad,” Jannat Zubair expressed.

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Lastly, when asked how she tackles it, Jannat shared, “I take criticism very positively. I don’t mind someone criticizing me because they don’t like my work. If someone is telling me that, I would honestly respect that person because he/she is telling me that with honesty.”

“You give people the rights to comment on you. And when you give them the right to appreciate you, you should also give them the space to tell you if they don’t like you, or perhaps criticize you. I take creative criticism and advice very positively, all I mind is the hate,” she concluded.

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