Karan Wahi, Nakuul Mehta, Never Kiss Your Best Friend 2

Nowadays, we have so many platforms that have good content. In fact, quite Bollywood stars have graced the OTT platform while some TV stars have made it big in Bollywood. The lines between TV actors and Bollywood stars have now been blurred and they are now termed as actors instead of putting any tag on it. Speaking of which, in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, actors Karan Wahi and Nakuul Mehta who have primarily worked in Television talked about the bridge between TV and Cinema being filled with OTT and more while promoting the second season of Never Kiss Your Best Friend.

Karan told us, “I have been doing OTT for 9 nine years so whenever I used to go for meetings and auditions that tag comes along with you that you’re a television actor which doesn’t bother me but actually I’m glad that there are two boys on the show with Anya who absolutely comes from a different medium because it also sets a tone for a lot of people who are making content, it is not the medium that we come from it is how you position us and how you place us. It is like I don’t call the film stars as film stars, I call them as actors, I think it is the time to call everyone an actor and let’s not put them in any medium. It doesn’t take anything away from them but sometimes you might be deserving of something and you might not get it,” adding that money is a by-product and all actors want is recognition and respect.



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On the other hand, Nakuul added, “I always believe the industry is you and how you conduct yourself, how you think about yourself. I look at Indian television as very healthy. It is an international television and has been watched by over 400 countries. It is dubbed in many languages. Shows that we do carry forward to countries as far as Sobo, to Bangladesh, to Fiji. I always take my job seriously, I don’t think films have reached such places. I don’t consider my job any lesser than anyone else.


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