Mahhi Vij, Jay Bhanushali, Tara Bhanushali
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One of the cutest couples in the Television industry, Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij are currently parents of three children. However, she became a biological parent when they welcomed a baby girl named Tara Bhanushali in August 2019. Since then, we are being treated with some adorable pictures and videos of Jay and Mahhi with Tara that only makes our day brighter. However, her pregnancy was not as easy as one would think. During an episode of Bollywood Bubble’s Chemistry 101 season 2, Mahhi addresses the complications she had with her pregnancy and having a child and how they reacted when they realised she was pregnant with Tara.

Mahhi told us, “Yes, I was planning for a baby but it didn’t click then, so we thought, we will take a break, we were planning to go to London as we both love travelling. Tara was not planned planned.” When asked about their reaction when Tara actually happened, Mahhi said, “Mera tha ki ye mera last try hai aur abhi hogaya, thak gayi thi main ki ek hi line aaya hai, do lines nahi aayi hai, so it plays mentally. When it happened, I was like chal mandir chal, because mera aisa tha ki let’s thank god.


Mahhi was asked about the complications during her first pregnancy as she added, “She is an IVF baby, I don’t hide it, it’s okay. Yes, I had failed IVFs earlier but then we both thought about travelling and during Tara’s time, she was my last try.” She even thought of taking a proper break and added, “But wo kehte hai na ki jisko aana hai usse aana hai.”

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