EXCLUSIVE: Nisha Rawal on getting hit by Karan Mehra in 2014: I didn’t walk out because I was in love

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On Monday morning, Nisha Rawal filed a domestic violence case against her husband Karan Mehra at a police station in Mumbai. Nisha Rawal, married to Karan for 8 years now, revealed that the latter was even having an extra-marital affair. The two had been contemplating divorce, as per their statements. Karan reportedly hit her on her head on Sunday night when things went bad between the two. Now, in an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Nisha Rawal reveals that Karan had been abusive towards her since 2014 and before and shared why she did not walk out of it.

“I didn’t walk out because I was in love and he was apologetic is my answer. I did not, you do not give up, it is about individual strength. i did not want to give up easily especially when the person is sorry and apologises. I came back because I believed him and then he would be okay for some days and then back to being his ways,” Nisha Rawal revealed to Bollywood Bubble. She shared, “I have pictures till right up to 2014 and before that he would just slap me. After 2014, he would slap me and I have proof that I have submitted to the police.”

Karan Mehra has denied all the allegations in interviews and claimed that Nisha hit herself deliberately and has been framing him. He also said that Nisha has been demanding huge alimony from him while the duo contemplated divorce. The couple is blessed with son Kavish, who turns 4 this year. Nisha was seen speaking to the media today where she even broke down as she covered her head with a dupatta to hide her bruises. Karan and Nisha dated for five years before they finally got married to each other. Their marriage was an intimate affair.

Karan, in interviews, has claimed that Nisha even spat on him and had been acting eccentric sometimes but he did not say anything before. He was arrested by the Mumbai Police earlier today but was granted bail shortly.

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