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Priyamani along with Manoj Bajpayee and Samantha Akkineni is all set to entice fans with The Family Man 2. The much-awaited web series is a few days far from its release. So, we at Bollywood Bubble got into an exclusive chat with Priyamani on The Family Man 2, her bond with Manoj Bajpayee and Samantha Akkineni. Priyamani also opened up about the South representation in Bollywood, and how it has changed over the years.

Ask Priyamani how she sees this change of South Industry being represented in Bollywood now, she has an elaborate observation. “Initially, I think South ka jo representation that it was only, pardon me if I’m wrong, have an artist who used to speak like, ‘Aare ji kya karte ho tum?’ Maybe they just wanted to bring a comic relief with this in the films back then. But, right now, I can say, South Indians speak pretty good Hindi. And the way they’re making a strong foothold in Bollywood, I think it’s a great thing.


She added, “As I said, now Bollywood is accepting technicians and artists from the South, though it could be a small role or a big role. Even in Family Man, the scene itself starts from the South, it starts in Kerala, then you have my character, Suchi, who is a Tamilian, but born and brought up in Bombay. Then in the series, we also had a bit of Tamil speaking and all.”

The actress continued, “I feel that the audience is also accepting the fact. Earlier, instead of saying Indian Cinema, they used to say Bollywood, South, etc. But now, I think Indian Cinema also takes in the South, I mean South is also a part of it. I think the audiences have accepted it, and even the industry has accepted that South industry also belongs to the Indian Industry.

“But, sometimes to some people, we may have to categorize that I’m from South or I’m from Bollywood. It’s a very less percentage. But, most of it, they’re recognising talent, they’re recognising people from the South. And they’re accepting them with open arms. So, I’m pretty happy with that change, and I think it should continue,” she concluded.



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